Possibly dropping Balrog

I didn’t really know where to post this so I decided to make a new thread, sorry for taking up space.

The other day, my friends were (jokingly) harassing me to play Gen and I decided to play him for shits and giggles (thinking he was terrible or something.) Turns out that I possibly have been forcing myself to play a character I didn’t fit well with this whole time. And it sucks, it sucks really really bad. Because my favorite SF character is hands down Balrog, I love boxing.

It’s kind of sad to see that my Day 2 Gen is rapidly catching my Balrog that took years to learn. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do now. I’ve been constantly hitting plateaus with Balrog because of how hard I’ve been forcefully playing him and it shows now that I’ve found another character that fits my playstyle smoothly.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been learning SFIV alongside Balrog, I’m not sure. But it feels like he’s just not my character. I’m not sure whether I’ll drop him or not as a main (I’ll keep subbing him) but I’m most likely going to stop following the threads here if it happens.

How would you deal with this situation? I’ve always been stuck on the character loyalty mindset. I’ve been trying my best to find ways to overcome my plateau with Rog for these past months, I need some help with that.

Dude ARE YOU INSANE!!! let me put it this way, imagine me as a old grandmaster stroking his beard…

" young one, you must learn to become water when you opponent become fire, become fire when they are air, and become air when they are water, for every work there is a tool, no tool is perfect. use that which is needed and do not discard what you have learned. There is no knowledge that is not power."

Take a lil break from balrog, and return after a couple of weeks.

Man this happens to me every 2-3 months. I swear to god I want to drop him, then I come back for the Fight Money.

Why Gen? What is your playstyle for boxer?

I’m just pleased that after starting SF4 Vanilla, finding Balrog to suit me better when I had intended to go Guile (Mostly down to the issue of me playing with Keyboard and Guile / Honda / Bison not working well on it compared to Rog) and still to this day absolutely loving playing Balrog, it stands to me - I don’t think I’d have enjoyed the game half as much if I had any conflict of character preference or playstyle. My keyboard restriction goes hand in hand with Balrog and it even suits him due to having a few minor charge benefits… Plus, I smile inside every single time I land a headbutt to the sound of that giggling japanese voice laughing like a demented creep.

Now I can just log on and play without overthinking.

Problem is even if I was in the OP’s position I couldn’t explore half the cast because of Keyboard, so I’m just so glad I don’t have that issue. I’d agree that it’d be good to take a break from Rog and explore other characters if you feel that way inclined - It’s not like everything you’ve learned is suddenly forgotten if you come back :slight_smile:

I play footsies with heavy mixups when I score a knockdown. My problem is that I often push too much, beyond what Balrog is safe to do (and I know it) and I’m absolutely terrible at counter poking. While very good at footsies, Balrog loses to the likes of Chun Li, so he has to resort to counter poking, which is something I can’t do thanks to my slowed down reactions (I have insomnia, so I have under average reaction speed on a normal night and over average reaction time on good nights- which happen rarely.) Gen on the other hand needs not to counterpoke as he is dominant in that department (or I use him better than Rog) so I don’t need to worry about counterpoking.

That also explains why I’m having so much trouble AA’ing with Rog’s st.MP/cr.HP as opposed to Gen’s.

I love Balrog too, he’s awesome. Watching you and 3nigmat1c made me realize that I still don’t use Rog effectively, you guys kept inspiring me to stick to it. I like the way that you put this though, who knows if I’ll really jump ships? Only time will tell.

I didn’t think of it like that, see ya around and thanks again.

*P.S. Sorry for double posting, I’m on a phone.

Now now, don’t assume I play effectively, I’m also pretty bad with Rog but the issue is mostly that my opponents are, in general, even worse, so it’s a mediocre Balrog vs generally random-playstyle players so I can’t improve beyond a certain threshold - Anyone can hit the training room and show off combos, or get away with murder when 9/10 of your opponents eat repeated overheads allowing you freedom to do all sorts of crazy crap - And it’s not hard to make movies about either of the above :wink:

At the end of the day, if I was in your shoes, I’d simply say to myself - “Maybe I’d find new appreciation for myself and the game by just trying new characters… And hey, I can always pick Balrog back up whenever I please”. It really is that simple.

Man compared to other characters AA with Rog is easy for me, Gen has a faster one?

Look at me all interested in Gen now, I told you man Im always thinking about other characters. :slight_smile:

Why drop the best Char. in the game?

I have a hard time beating scrubby tactics on PSN, I always have to resort to cheap and unsafe gimmicks to obliterate them. I feel that when I try to play solid, I absolutely fail. Your wins were pretty convincing honestly! It’s a great way to put it, worst comes to worst, I’ll sub Rog.

The main AAs I use are st.Mp and st.Hp which have 4 and 5F startup respectively. That’s only 3 and 2F faster than Rog’s st.Mp and cr.HP, so that says a lot about my reaction time. I’m the type of guy that AAs late, not early.

I come from the same perpective: I play Balrog because I love his ridiculous parody of rude Americans and I love boxing. Even more, I love the magic of pressing kick to punch.

But there come times when I see some one just dominate me with a vortex and I just feel like I’m playing the wrong character. I hate to eat the frametraps because, hey, Rog doesn’t have some 3f reversal. “Why doesn’t Rog have some ridiculous mixup that rolls the dice?” - I wonder. Because boxing is a clean sport, and if I’m going to win, I’m going to win without rolling the dice. I’ll win because I’m just a better player. That’s why I stuck with him.

It’s totally understandable why you’d get frustrated with him though, hopefully you won’t put the gloves down for long though.

Damn, thats deep. I LIKE IT!

I played gen as a second for a while. He was my first. And Gen is deep. Deep in terms of setup, deep in terms of the tech. The tech is oceans deeper than Balrog’s imo. I used to frequent their forum a lot. Play him, i think once you play him enough, you’ll find out that he has problems just like Balrog, they’re just different. And if you thought Honda v Balrog was a pain in the ass, Honda v Gen is a nightmare.

But enjoy gen, he is a nice change of pace, definitely a nice change of execution (with the stance changes). After playing Gen and having to stance change to counterpoke, you’re ability to counter poke with Balrog will increase exponentially. Balrog has three counterpoke buttons for the most part, while Gen has about six with two of them in the crane stance, so counterpoking is generally a two part process: Am I in the right stance? okay, change stances…okay press the button. So you’ll get pretty bad ass if you play him for a while.

Gen has mixup, and don’t let the unknown/opponent ignorance factor be a part of how you gauge how good you are with the character. It plays a part, but more because they’re ignorant and not because you’re a bad player. I think a mediocre Gen will fare much better at mid-level than a mediocre Balrog, but the more you play the better view of the bigger picture and you might decide to stick with balrog as a main and Gen as a second.

My usual sparring partners are already getting used to his mixups and I can clearly a difference when I play against my friend’s Gouken (it’s much harder!) But I feel like I utilize him much better in neutral game (especially in the AA) department. But you are right, I’m still in the honeymoon phase. It won’t take too long for me to truly see his weaknesses (right now he feels unbeatable and very versatile, haha.)

Thanks for your input.

I think you’ll hit a ceiling with gen and come back for some bike money. Then you’ll want to play another character and so on and so fourth, its not against the law to play other characters.

i main rog however i have a bunch of pocket characters i use for different match ups (sim, every shoto, rufus, cammy, mak)… ive tried switching many times and always ended coming back for bike money… theres something satisfying about winning with rog because its usually an honest win - not some 50/50 voxtex spam. Its the same reason i will never main fuerte… just wish he had more tools on wake up and a solid cross up… really hope ono checks out these threads if he ever decides to do another patch… i mean if the best rog in the world (PR ROG) switched camps, that should be a good indicator that he needs a buff…