Possibly looking for a modder

When I first heard that you could get your madcatz TE stick to work with both systems I was pretty excited. I did alot of research, watched plenty of video and browsed many tutorials. When it came down to finally trying to pad hack my 360 controller, I got cold feet. I lack proper tools and experience.

So it comes down to trying to find a person in the greater Nashville area that is experienced in doing this. It’s a long shot, but if there is a forum user locally that does this sort of thing I’d be willing to pay for the mod.

Some basic info about my controllers:

Stick: Madcatz Arcade Fight Stick Tournament Edition - SSFIV
Pad: Regular old wired xbox 360 controller. Nothing fancy, my dog got a hold of the cable so it’s good for a laugh. Wire is fine, rubber is damaged. If this is unacceptable, I can purchase the gamestop controller that everybody recommends in their videos.

Keep in mind I want to be able to travel to you. So if you live around Nashville TN, please reply to this thread. I realize that I’m in a black hole for gaming, but it’s worth a shot anyway.

I guess I’ll drop a post here since I’m in the same boat. I’m in socal and am looking for a modder. I have the hori AH2 fight stick and want to replace my button with sanwa buttons. I opened the case and desoldered a few of the buttons but I just can’t seem to do the rest. I can’t desolder for shit it seems and so if anyone can help, that would be awesome. Obviously I would compensate you for your time as well.

I live in Tustin, Cali and can travel to any place within reason.

iQuick, I can’t remember the user’s name, check the Tennessee thread in the Atlantic South Matchmaking forum. I know there’s a guy or 2 in the Nashville area that has mentioned doing mods for others there.

Thanks for the info.