Possibly new corner character specific set up into Ultra 1



Not sure if this is new at all, but I was fooling around in training mode and found out on either Guy and Vega, if you hit a Cl Roundhouse to a MEDIUM DP, the second DP hit, hits late elevating them enough for you to hit an Ultra 1. Is this new, or am I late the party?


That’s awesome


Also works on Dhalsim


I tried this on a few other characters. I didn’t get around to trying the whole cast yet,but this also works on Seth although I don’t recommend even attempting it because the timing on connecting the ultra is really strict because of the way he falls. You can also do it on Abel but you have to use TC instead of cl.rh. Same thing applies to him as it does Seth though. Better off doing the jab dp into ex dp on them instead. Easy as balls to land the ultra on Guy though! :smiley: