Possibly New Doom Mixup (50-50 corner pressure)

I was messing with Doom today in the lab, trying out possible corner combos, and got really interested in the properties of his -->H dive kick. It’s common knowledge that, when an opponent is in the corner, using either dive kick over their head (not connecting) will swap you into the corner, hence being a cross-up tool. The interesting thing is that is swaps with your opponent regardless of whether you do it above or below them, as long as it doesn’t connect. This means that you can 100% any character if you land this mixup. Why? Try this. Standard corner loop, do it twice. On the third time, instead of H into S into air combo, do H, S, Up, -->H (as soon as you leave the ground). This will cause your opponent to launch straight up, then flip out in the air, with you having crossed them up, and as they fall you can move a little out of the corner to un-cross up your opponent (50-50). The best two things about this reset are 1) You’re opponent gets the camera, which means that you are off-screen for the mixup, much like if you launch with Wesker and immediately press S again, so your opponent really has to guess where you are going to be (their character will not auto-correct until they hit the ground), and 2) It allows a meter-less, easy 100% on the entire cast (haven’t checked damage, but two bucktooth loops will kill anyone, so I assume that this will as well).

What does this mean? Well, basically you can take about 50% of any characters life, perhaps more, then reset, even into the corner again if you don’t decide to crossup, with your character off-screen. To make this even more effective you can jump up to meet your opponent, and since they will have just flipped out, they will only get one chance to respond, and they are facing the wrong way. Just go up there with Ms or a foot dive and go into anything. Of course, if you have Ammy’s assist, or Strider’s, this becomes completely unfair (Yes, Clockw0rk, your team is broken) because you can foot dive, call the assist, and just cause havok, and your opponent can’t even see what you’re doing. I’m not the best player, and play Doom on anchor with Nemesis and Wesker, so I’m not going to be able to test this very well against other people, but its technically sound and I can confuse myself sometimes, so I assume that it will other people. Let me know what you think.

Yeah I already had that idea a while ago but never used it. There is still some time to react to it and a forward tech will cause your opponent to flip away from the mixup. Doom doesn’t really need resets especially when comboing opponents in the corner. It’s usually best to just kill them in the corner and mixup the incoming character. The teams I’ve been using lately have touch of death everywhere so I never car much for resets. However, it’s still another option. Doesn’t hurt to have another option

i came across this in vanilla and actually you don’t have to launch them in order to cross under, just s.H + assist, dash cancel the s.H into a neutral jump, j.f+h


peep the 3rd mixup (doom crossed under and last tatsu hit crossed up leading to a full unscaled combo)

the problem is… doom’s corner damage and meter gain are so good, there’s really no point in ever using it T_T