Possibly The Best Movie Of 2010

Not sure if this has already been posted

Just saw this trailer:



A sequel is already in the works!

I heard about this movie, it looks like something to watch on a dare.

Oh and inb4anusfacejokes

Comedy of the decade

this is the kind of movie you wanna get shitfaced to

I guess being the first one in the chain isn’t so bad. Being last would be awful.

This ain’t nothing but some highbrow German porn.

I’ll check that out.

Ooooh a movie with a Bad End. Nice. Kinda sad they give away the ending like that in the trailer though.

I hope this movie sucks ass!

Man wtf is this shit. Oh those cooky Germans…

So low budget.

Uwe has to be on board on this.

can’t wait for the 12 person sequel! lol!

Pretty accurate representation of Europe…

Everyone has their heads up somebody’s ass.

Wait, what the fuck is this all about?

I’ve got a trip to Germany coming up and this did not help at all. Thank you so very much.

hopefully you get some hostel or saw type freaks. any of that is a better fate than this (unless maybe you’re the head of the centipede)

This is what happens when you write movies using Jigsaw’s big book of mad libs.

I believe in Freedom of Speech and Press, but this is so fucked up and disguisting, it shouldn’t be released.