Possibly The Best Movie Of 2010


Not really interested in shitting into someone’s mouth. I know that’s a German type of thing to do but nah. Hostel would be scary. Saw guy would get his ass kicked by yours truly. Ever beaten up a guy in a hospital bed? Its not tough.

Of all the butt/face posts, this one made me laugh the most.


so erm… ewww?


You have to admit, that is pretty original.


This shit is nothing compared to stuff like Cronenberg’s Crash and Pasolini’s Salo.


imo ban


yeah, i’m sorry i watched that. i got that weird image in my head (even though the chicks are cute). Should have a disclaimer before watching.

Insert: “omg, you’re a bebe lolz” comment… but you have to admit this idea is just freakin’ odd but striking.


Sort of interested in it, I hear the guy who plays the doctor is amazing as the villain.


yeah the doctor is great…and the humans arent his first experiment :wgrin:


Was anyone not surprised that the Doctor had a German accent? Ah the Deutschland, without you all fucked up things would come from Florida!


who the fuck greenlights these projects?
from bass fishing to people getting there assholes surgically mended to someones mouth—what a shift in what classifies as entertainment