Possibly the scrubbiest post ever


ok, i’m so scrubby, i can’t even READ some of your posts. what is “b&b”? what’s a kara’d dragon punch? (all i know is kara throws, and i don’t even know anybody’s except for chun li’s…). the terminology some of you guys use is just simply beyond me. anyway, as for a question here, how much do you guy spend at the arcade per week/per day? do you go on just one day a week, or like, every other day or whatever? also, still problems with execution!!! i got owned with $5 worth of tokens! i couldn’t do jack shit against ANYBODY!!! what the hell can i do? someone please help me! seriously, i know nothing. does anybody live in toronto? come to my apartment and play and show me on my dreamcast, LOL, someone do something!!! i even played double impact just to try and practice my super moves, which i can’t execute, but i got raped by the 2nd character (Sean) and his bullshit. plus, the joystick was broken, pressing forward also made me throw a fierce punch, so i couldn’t do low medium kick xx SAIII >.< anyway, i suck, please help me, if you live in T.O. hahaha. guh.


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if you have a fucking question ask it dont make us read through a huge paragraph about that one time you were at the arcade


B&B stands for Bread & Butter. In other words, a very useful combo that you want to do all the time.

Kara dragon punch is a normal move cancelled into a dragon punch giving it slightly more range. There is an article on this site that lists everyone’s kara throws.

go to Pacific Mall (Kennedy & Steeles) or Metro (Warden & Steeles) friday and saturday nights to meet and play all the top Toronto players.


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anyways, arcticninja, i went to pacific a few times, and i usually go to the arcade on Yonge, near the eaton’s center (it’s across from Future Shop), and those guys are pretty good. know the one i’m talkin about?


I am usually there cuz i go to Ryerson, I am at orbit a lot too
who are u? who do u use?


Okay, first of all, if you expect to play the game “seriously,” then also expect to spend hundreds of dollars on it in the arcade. Just about everybody starts out getting torn up. And don’t feel so bad about being beat by sean in second impact. He’s like the best character in that game, the exact opposite of what you’ll find him to be in third strike.

ANYWAYS, you may want to shell out the cash for a MAS arcade stick, or build your own for less. Sure beats playing on those shitty dreamcast pads and third party sticks.


is orbit that pacific arcade? i’m rarely there, so you wouldn’t recognize me. but at the yonge arcade, i’m either ken, dudley (rarely), urien, or ryu. and i suck with em all, so if you see someone getting ass-beat using any of these guys, odds are it’s me. i’m asian, i’m tall, i have glasses. i usually go after class (i go to u of t) so i usually have a blue nike back pack. i’m going there next friday, wanna meet up? (maybe i’ll go earlier than friday)

closetremy, it makes me feel better knowing that everyone originally got their ass kicked. i’m thinking of buying a stick from snaaake or ebay, i’ll show you the one

[ any good?




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If you buy those sticks, you will probably want to opt for the perfect 360 version,which will undoubtedly be more expensive, but worth it, in my opinion. About the buttons, I’m not sure which because no matter which type I use, I have trouble doing ex moves, even though I swear I hit them at the exact same time. Anyways, the regular pushbuttons feel more comfortable to me compared with the convex competition type.


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