Possibly the scrubbiest thing I could ask


How do I dash on a stick? I started with MvC3 as my first fighting game to get serious in, and not bragging but I was really damn good at that game. I did everything on a simple Xbox 360 controller, using the analog stick. It felt right, worked well and I could 1 button dash really easily so I just used it. Then Marvel died. So I switched over to SF4 and… boy this game is different. So slow and methodical, which is a nice change, actually. I bought an arcade stick and started playing but I just can not dash in a game. Especially backdashing. Problem is I can’t play a charge character on a 360 controller, and I want to play Balrog. The analog stick has basically no way of telling if you’re actually holding down-back correctly like an arcade stick does.

So yea, I need to get used to this thing but it’s been seeeeeveral months now and I don’t feel like I’m any better. What do, people? What do?


You forward or backdash by press that direction twice in quick succession.

forward, forward = forward dash
back, back = back dash

unless you weren’t asking that ;p

On a stick when i’m player 1, so i would stand on the left side of the screen.
Forward dash: I use first bones in the index and middle finger and tap the stick forward twice.
Backdash: For backdashing i only use my thumb and tap the stick twice, to exagerate the motion i also very slighty turn my wrist to give some extra force behind my thum and when letting go of the stick i give a bit of extra room so that my thumb clears the stick completely.

Anyway i found dashing proficiently one of the biggest hurdles on a stick as a beginner, it takes a while.


Keep practing dash/backdash in training mode until you’re comfortable. No real shortcut to getting used to a new controller.


Opposite of scrubby, you knew you were missing something and you asked for help. Well played.

A scrub would pretend he knew, but claim he chose not to do it anyway, on account of it being cheap, broken or dishonorable :stuck_out_tongue:

Get into the habit of dashing multiple times without mashing; taptap,taptap,taptap,taptap

Eventually you’ll want to learn to buffer that dash around other moves too, FADC’s are pretty important in SF4, but get regular dashing down first.


You might be getting hung up on returning to neutral after the second tap