Possibly Weird Thought

In the last month I have improved at SSF4 at a surprising rate. Not pro level yet but intermediate with some room for improvement. Well to say it My only problem at this stage is my mains (Balrog and Honda). Its not the characters per-say however its the pros that are good with them for instance I would like to goto a tourney in Michigan or Georgia but since the best players in both states are balrog players its seeming like it would be hard to move from the shadowing of them. And since honda is not good overall then to use him would be like throwing my money in the toilet. Please help me with this attitude.

Why are you concerned with how well-known you can get? Be concerned with improving. Recognition will come if you earn it.

Also, Honda is quite good, he certianly isn’t going to hold you back, if you play him correctly.

In michigan, the best player is Wolfkrone who mains C. Viper. Antwan Ortiz plays Balrog, but it is not as good as his Dudley.

Anywho, stop giving a shit about whose better with what character. Play who you want.

btw, Honda is OP. Maybe not in AE, but on the console he is too OP.

might be a good thing. if you do go to a tourney and bump into higher level players who play your main, you can always be cool and ask questions. i consider that a good thing that you have high level people who play your char who can move you in the right direction. my 2 cents

Don’t worry about it. Ever since SF4’s release all I’ve heard is: So-and-so player is the best (character) in America. So-and-so is the best Viper on the east coast. This guy is the best Abel on west coast, IF NOT THE ENTIRE USA!

None of that stuff means anything, just play the goddamn game, lol.

Like you said, you’re not on their level yet… So just play to improve with the character you’re the most comfortable with, and until you play one of these really good players you don’t really know how far behind you really are :P.

You to be good before people know your name

play well & then you’ll get recognized.

Best advice ever. ask pros, if they are not assholes, questions about Balrog (i.e. Yo Im having mad trouble with Chun. What can I do to beat her?). More than likely, they will spit some knowledge to you. Keep going to tournaments. Win.

a high portion of them are assholes though sadly, they think that they are a fuckin celebrity because they beat most people in a videogame, lol
if you find someone who’s well known to help you, i’d be surprised.

my experience has been pretty +. obviously some players for whatever reason dont talk. as long as you play hard, and look like you are open to it constructive criticism, most players better than yourselves will offer advice. sometimes it takes awhile and you have to show your face at whatever venue 1000x but people will eventually remember and offer help. some faster than others. some more than others. good luck with rog and honda!