Post a pic of your ex-girlfriend thread


So yeah, I started getting the idea to do this from the Post A Pic of your Girlfriend thread. This one, however, should be used to either show off your ex or simply wish to release the fury of SRK on her. I’m going to aim this just at girls that you’ve considered a girlfriend. There are a number of girls I just “dated” and dislike heavily. I’ll start:

This is the only one without her current b/f and he doesn’t deserve the hate. This bitch had kept me on the shortest leash imaginable. When we first started to fool around, she was alright. As the months progressed I noticed that she complained more and more about my activities when I wasn’t with her. Then I noticed my friends disappearing and her taking their place. She kept me from doing anything fun only because she couldn’t be out doing the same thing. I remember going out a night to drink and she didn’t talk to me for two days because she didn’t want me to go because it was after her curfew (9 p.m. and she was 19) and she couldn’t go.

We eventually broke up and I now have a woman that isn’t up my ass. I didn’t come out of this relationship unscathed, though. She’s the cause of me not talking to many of my older friends because they didn’t want to put up with my shit with her. I don’t really trust women anymore because I feel there is always an underlying thought of malice within each of them.

We have a hi/bye relationship now if we ever see each other in the street but that’s rare even though my college is two blocks from her apartment.

So farewell, you cunt.

I have a few more but I’ll post them if this thread gets hot. Every girlfriend I’ve ever had has annoyed me to some point.

So please share your hate. Let’s make this the greatest burn thread in SRK history.


I’m Mycah Leonhart…and I approve this Thread. :tup:

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Her an I meeting red vs blue at the penny-arcade expo.


that’s right, don’t put up with no woman’s bitchy shit


Should be a good thread. Flames for days.


Man, I had a girlfriend like that, Razor; bad news, indeed.

For instance, we both went to school; in the same city, but we were both from the same home town. Anyway, we both went home and I really wanted to hang out with all my friends who DON’T live in the same city with me. When we got there, she had the audasity to chew me out because I wasn’t “spending time with her”.
Crazy bitch…


Well here are the last 3 that i’ve had.




I love girls but Marvel is crack…


lol that girl has asl written on her chest


Hiromi -

Shallow, immature, and selfish. Was a black hole for my time and money. She spent 5 nights a week at my place, and complained if I ever wanted to go see friends. Dragged me along shopping for hours but wouldn’t dare come with me into an arcade, even if I laid a trail of Gucci bags outside. We broke up when I found out what a horrible whore she was. To top it all off, she was a dead fish sexually too. Try waking up to what’s on the right 5 times a week. Plus, the image on the left took 90+ minutes to fabricate, so she was always late, and if I tried to cal her on it then she’d get mad at me for getting mad at her. We’re not on speaking terms - if I ever saw this bitch in the street I’d give her a running kick to the cunt. Which she probably wouldn’t even feel because she’s that much of a whore.


Rofl, they all look emo.


Yup that’s why i loved them :lovin: But i love marvel more. :rofl:


Here is a picture of my ex and me at a fucking ATL Hawks game.

Let me mention that I have never once talked about basketball the entire time she was my GF. Not one goddamn time. All I talked about in terms of sports was college football (GA Bulldogs to be exact). Yet this dumb bitch wanted to treat me to a basketball game (fucking ATL hawks… O_o) for my birthday.

Don’t I look excited.

Dumb bitch.


This is so quotable.


A pic of me and her on my birthday.

I know hindsight is 20/20 and all but I had to get an STD test after we broke up.

Fucking Dirty Jersey.


it says as i lay dying lol


no hard feelings though eh?



her eyebrows are amazing on the fact pic.


Here’s my ex…

Gosh, where to start. She was extremely immature, called me like 15 times a day(not a joke), even when I was working and she KNEW I could not answer. Was extremely uptight about shit. Was the “will wait until I get married before sex” type, but always mount me like I was a race horse, just to get off before anything started. Only lasted a little over 2 months, but I’m glad I got that shit over with. Oh , and she always had this ogre of a friend follow us around which only put salt in the already huge wound. She was also extremely religious, which did not go well with my love for death metal. She’d always try to turn off my Cannibal Corpse cd from my car to put in some gay emo shit of her’s, without asking. We are in no way in speaking terms, but she always finds way to talk shit to other people about me and my friends. Sometimes I wish I could “sand her faceless”, like the song she loathed said. 2 months wasted…


I know how that shit is! I’ve started telling everyone that gets in ride this - “If you don’t like death vocals, get the fuck out or deal with it”.

/turns on Opeth or Testament