Post all RAGEQUITTERS here


I know there is a Bastard of Bad Games thread, but I thought it might be a good idea to start a thread that lists all ragequitters in one spot.

I’ll start things off the top of my head…

Padilla78744 (I guarantee this *** is on everyones RQ list)

Please don’t make this the Bastard of Bad Games thread part 2. Just simply post the ID’s of all known ragequitters. :slight_smile:


There’s a list there too, and with proof.


Oh, I should point out, I started this thread with HD Remix in mind :slight_smile:


there already is an hdremix bad games thread.


Gee, ya think?

Maybe you should actually read my original post?

Just a thought


sorry, i dont read posts from 09’ers.


Soooo because I registered 4 months ago, you won’t read my posts. That is just ignorant. Maybe I should just stop reading posts from people who registered in 2001. You’re obviously wayyyy cooler than I am. Ya know, since you pay to be a member of this site and all. Now quit hi-jacking this thread.

I’m simply trying to make a thread where people can post names of known ragequitters all in one spot.