Post All-Time Your Stats

By irrepressiblegui at 2009-08-20

The website and the scoring utility in the game show different results for the win/loss count (I think I’m around 2600+ win). And at least 50 of those losses are glitched/rage quit related.

yeah the scoring on that site dosnt identically match the leaderboards from the game

I only use Fei Long. Not too impressive ESPECIALLY compared to everyone else, haha.
Too many ragequitters and some losses were from glitch/ragequitting also so I stopped playing. It’s been many months since I last played.

According to this though, I would probably be higher, if I didn’t mess around with so many characters, though.

How do you snap a photo of the ‘card’??

Or if someone just wants to do me a favor and do one for me?

Here ya go. MS Paint + Print Screen button ftw!

Thanks man!

Rank 141 ain’t too shabby considering I just started ranked this last weekend.

Not that ranked really means anything anyway. But I just needed a change of scenery from the player rooms. - My rank is’nt that good i would say a decent rank lol

too many rage quitters? im one not to talk about but you complaining? you quit on me yesterday, playing against your weak Fei Long you donkey and you quit.

moocus…that was F’ing funny…I almost forgot that I have you on my friend’s list man…we need to play some matches sometime.

Good shit :tup:

Haven’t played in a few months but here it is.

I think I remember you now. I beat your Honda in classic mode and you quit on me. Then I avoided you and messaged you, “nice” and you responded with a “thanks.” Haha, then I ran into you AGAIN, and quit for laughs. This time you said “nice” and I said “thanks”

But yeah, your record is very fishy. 14 LOSSES out of like 2000 games? Haha, hmmm… Your Honda can probably beat my weak Fei, but you’re really not that good.

And I really don’t quit other than this time though, I got 30+ losses that day. It’s ok, because I don’t care about my ranked score. I’ll fight anyone worth fighting and be happy to lose. Fixing your record like you, does not make you any better. You’re only fooling yourself.

irrepressible-- how is it with only 70 losses, you are ranked 100?

Choose “create” or “custom” and you randomly play opponents of varying skill levels.
You play worse players on the whole, you get more wins, but the wins don’t move you up much, and the losses will kill your rank.
With custom you can also control the lag level of your opponent.
With create you can’t control the lag level of your opponent.

Choose “quick match” and it will try to match you vs. players near your rank.
You play players closer to your rank.
If you have a high rank, your losses will hurt your rank less, your wins will help your rank more.
Playing quick match does expose you to laggy players.

Wow you guys are way better than me. I have gotten my fair share of perfects though, I’m proud of that! lol

Personally, I think a lot of ranked players only have their rank because they haven’t gone into thousands of ranked matches, and hold their rank because they are no longer fighting ranked.