Post command grab on Urien?

When in GJ, and after doing command grab, what’s the most useful/damaging combo to do? He falls really wierd after dragons kicks -> mp shoulder. Half of the time the shoulder misses him completely and other times it doesn’t bounce him back into the corner. And when it does, the hop kick bounces him out of the corner again (what’s up with that anyway?).

So, what to do?

mk dp, mp dp…

it works…practice

So it’s just the timing that’s funky (compared to shotos etc)?

yes, plus wait a bit with the f+mk, then it’ll hit like it should

I just went and tried it and I don’t see how the timing is weird.

The timing when doing it on shotos and the like are extremely lenient when compared to Urien. Trying doing it a little early, or late… it either whiffs or knocks him further midscreen instead of into the corner.

Hey, it’s not as if I’m just making shit up :slight_smile: