Post - Devil Must Die combos

Any tips on how to connect with Volcano or Cold Shower after Devil Must Die? Is there a quick dash or something? Is the timing so strict that I probably shouldn’t even worry about it? Also will Prop Shredder launch in all situations or just certain ones after Level 3?

You need to input the dash while dante is putting his sword back. Timing isn’t that strict, I pulled it off like 4/4 times online today and i’ve only missed it like twice offline since I learned how to do it.

Volcano is character specific, cold shower works on everyone. Prop Shredder will launch when the hitstun deterioration allows it to.

When yo

u say character specific, do you mean like big characters only or like normal size… but not smaller ones

Ok I’ll definitely be practicing. Thanks

just a note, late in combo 3hh>thc super wont work so you’ll have to do char specific dash up volcano beehive early super