Post Evo CF Tourney. 3s, CvS2, ST

I came from Chicago the day before and I was done. I haven’t played video games in a week and I was rusty as hell.


18 people for 3s
10 people for CvS2
5 people for ST

1st: Justin Wong
2nd: John “Flash” Gordon
3rd: Tie (CTF local player)
4th: KC (CTF local player)
5th: Helgen-X / Albert (CTF local players)

1st: Justin Wong
2nd: Just1Moe
3rd: Sancho (Local CTF Player)
4th: Nick C.
5th: Nick T. / Scoot Magee

5 player Round Robin.
3 out of 5, player with most wins takes it.
After initial Round Robin. There was a 3 way tie between Chris Doyle, David Doyle, and John Flash Gordon.
Another Round Robin with those 3 players was played and David Doyle wins it.

Shoutouts to:
Justin Wong for helping with 3S.
Nick T. for helping with CvS2
Sancho for joining CvS2 in Losers and making it to top 3.

My Q sucks, Im suprised I won a game at all.
I believe it ran smoothly but its all good.
My first non-CvS2 tourney so thats good.

I’d like feedback from 3s and CvS2 players. How it went, what I should change, etc.

::Edit:: The paper said David Doyle wins ST, me being a dumbass, I typed in Chris. Sorry.

-I learned an important lesson today: my low-tier using scrub ass dont belong in tournaments.

-Had a fun time playing cvs2 and ST (BIG losing streak today). Shoutouts to: nick t., captain ryu/scoot, and some other guy(didnt get his name). nice to meet you guys.

EDIT: It ran pretty smoothly. Free play would be nice, but we all know that wont happen.

Why does everyone confuse my name with my brother? I won ST David aka OSK.

10 people for CvS2?


good shit justin

Sancho needs to go to majors. He pulls off some suprising comebacks.

He plays VERY good for playing crosshanded. But I think he’s just the type of player thats not into majors, just for fun. But is this like his 2nd tourny he’s ever entered. I remember him from like 2002. Never saw him enter anything.

Also, CF has ALOT of really good players that don’t go to majors at all for all the games. Especially the A3 players.

He wants to have fun like the rest of us ;p.

I’m trying to picture him playing A Sakura crosshanded.

But I remember a LONG time ago(end of 2002? maybe) I asked him if he was thinking about trying A Groove?

I think he responded with something like, “Too many crazy combos, too complicated.” Or something like that


Double Edit:
I think im going to stop playing cvs2 for a while. Honestly I was looking forward to Marvel. CvS2 was the last thing on my mind today. CvS2 is just boring the fuck out of me now. At least on the EC its boring me. No offense to anybody or anything like that, it gets repetitive though.

Good games to everyone… Had fun a lot of fun. I wish i could play on a better level, i was no match for justin. :karate:

Good shit everyone who came. I played like ass today. I’m over here brushing up on all my shit at home now lol. I will be there again next time :tup:

Btw who is nick c? sorry if i’m burn but I dont remember him.

Tall skinny asian kid with glasses. The starter of this very thread.

ohhhh. My bad.

good shit every one in the 3s tourney today…i was the scrubby ass urien that lost every goddamn round anyways i had fun…we should do it again…

couple vids will be out tommorow

Ayo, good games yall. I dunno if I’m gonna be in CF tomorrow (today actually) or not, but I’m usually there if anyone wants to VS again.

bad news guys, my shitty cam is like 5 years old so when you record over tape thats been used, it warps the sound and picture, i got 6 matches recorded, only the later 3 is good enough to encode. i HAVE the blank tapes, but i wanted to get rid of the incomplete footage i already had on there.

i ll still encode the viewable footage in the afternoon, sorry for the inconvience flare, justin D.
there ll be another ranking battle in few weeks, i ll get the footage right next time. also, this was my first shindig so shit will be better prepared, thanks for bearing with me. special thanks to flash and eddie for helping.
again, i m really REALLY sorry guys.

CTF ranking battle results

  1. Justin D(urien), 10 points
  2. kofiend(yang), 7 points
  3. flare(ryu), 5 points
  4. jia(ken), 3 points

You were the one using MSS against me in marvel yesterday?

alright, i encoded the finals and casuals with Jia, quotes went to florida so i need hosting, hit me up on AIM if you got some space

right-click, save as