Post-Evo comments/thoughts

Post whatever you feel like relating to your cvs2 experience at evo.

the tourney:
-I thought mago was going to use C-vega instead of C-sagat. what made him stick with C-sagat?
-i’m glad combofiend made it so far, congrats.
-disappointed that ricky, buk, or choi didn’t make top 8, and that i missed all the semi-final matches, cuz i heard semi-final matches were the best part.
-justin wong proves that A-haoh is TOPS. FUCK YALL =)
-nitto’s god sexy K-cammy is great. i love that run in, jump back dive kick bait(i think this was against djb-13). his K-geese is pretty impressive with the counterhit setups and multiple kick throws.
-all i remember is that last year, rf got owned and that’s it. this year, he did well and i’ll actually be looking forward to seeing him play.
-best of 1 was stupid, grand final was a hella close match, they should have done best of 3, but whatever, BAS deserves to win evo anyways(but so does mago :sad: )

outside the tourney:
-GGs to smoothcat, why did you use K-cammy instead of K-kyo :P. i was expecting pure otk shit. good shit though, sorry i couldn’t put up a better fight with my anchor, too much shit wrong with my sagat and too little known about what to do against hibiki, worked me good.
-ouroborous is the angriest fob i ever met.
-i got to play keith in my pool and he decides to use K-cbs, asshole.
-gg to laugh, i’m still too inexperieced with c-groove, but i wanna stick with C-groove i never have to have the following thought in my head again: “A-sak? aww…fuckass…”
-gg to dr.b, i would have beaten you if i didn’t have the worst C-sagat in america. :stuck_out_tongue: s.jab, s.jab, s.fwd xx lvl 2 raid or s.jab, s.jab, c.short xx nothing. sigh, wtf? but yea, it was dope to finally play against you.
-i got to watch kcxj play against evilelvis. he lost, but i’m actually impressed. evilevlis is a really good player, to actually hold his own against him, props to you. i wanted to play casuals against you, but i couldn’t find you after you left.
-when i think about it, i think i had a pretty decent match against everyone i played, until i got to my anchor, he’d just get rocked hard. i used to think it was just cuz of my C/K-sagat is ass, and i only use him cuz i can AA high cannon w/ good consistancy, but now i think it might be just my mentality when i play the game. i probably go for the wrong mixup without setting it up properly, or i play too recklessly when my opponent starts to look for more opportunities and shit.
-irvine vs berkeley (w/o keith) was fun. sorry LB, i do reallyl unsafe stupid shit when it comes down to the wire, that’s how i win :P. i will not hesitate to do a point blanka RC roundhouse cannon drill against a P-groove on wake up if it’ll kill them.:slight_smile:
and tae, i almost beat you with my 1 week old guile and 1 day old C-blanka, die…
-i didn’t get a chance to play buk for money. or maybe…i decided i want to keep my $10. we’ll NEVER KNOW :slight_smile:
-legendarygokou, mickey D(and a few other guys that i can’t remember off the top of my head), i wanted to meet you guys and play some casuals, but i didn’t get to hang out at the byoc that much, damn vegas for having too much things to do. if you saw me, you should have went up to me and slapped me or something, i wanted to meet the people behind the names, but whatever, maybe next year. i’m hella psyched to do some new training tactics
-btw, i watched ohayo do some training mode stuff, it was something like putting vega on some random “recorded” block string, and he’d try to counter it with different options and then switch to another blockstring/tactic with vega and worked on that for 2-5 minutes. i never thought about approaching it like that, i only used training mode for execution/string practice, but i’m probably gonna start doing these kinds more since i’m having a better idea of what team i want to use now.

Overall evo was great, don’t stop playing :slight_smile:

Didn’t get to go. :sad:

But, from what I hear there was some shady stuff going on. I dunno.
Either way I saw the pics it didn’t really look too great.

Maybe next year. :slight_smile:

Sorry Allen but I couldn’t make it to evo because of funds. Hopefully next year…yeah Next year i’ll be able to make it for sure…thats a promise!

  • mike

angriest fob??? :mad: :mad: :wtf: :wtf: HOW DARE YOU CALL ME A FOB!!!1111111111

anyways my comment:

-honda vs vega is the dumbest match in the game hands down
-a sak takes too much execution to be godly
-where the fuck is the K/P groove in the finals?
-yamazaki is top tier :devil:
-its hard to get in with a rolling groove cammy
-combofiends psychic activation is almost fool proof
-did popoblo went?

GGs Vas I was the other guy that played u for money after Smooth

Also, maybe Buk can reply to this.

I heard that MOV was laughing and yawning at Valle after he beat him 4-0 in 3s when Valle went to shake his hand.

WTF is up with that?

Nick T - that never happened. Fuson made all that shit up

Damn there are alot of cocksuckers on this board.

ah, i definitely remember you, stole my money for free :annoy:
i hella couldn’t play on a hori stick, it randomly jumps for me cuz i probably overrotate on those tiny sticks.

i did enjoy getting the random lvl 2 wall grab super that i DIDN’t want. i guess that was worth the $5 i lost :(. gg though.


popoblo said he couldn’t go.

no, i didn’t make it, not enough money. sorry!

random questions…

-did shiro go?
-who did nitto lose to?
-who did choi lose to?
-who put buk in losers? i read somewhere that justin eliminated him to make top 8…

i’m sure i’ll have more. keep on posting shit up, i’m already regretting that i couldn’t make it.


Good games to Joe first and foremost. You’re probably the most hardcore CvS2 addict I’ve ever met and I’ll see you in Japan.

John Micheal is still parrying my stand shorts and making me afraid to press any buttons. Great games and I’m glad to have you as a friend.

Good games also to Warren, Nam, ohayokim, Holla Holla Holla, RF (you’ve improved a LOT since last year), that fat dude with the pig T-shirt, Mihn (Keep up the good work. Your Geese is powerful.), Combofiend, Edma (my footsies still aren’t as strong as yours unfortunatly), Bashkar, all those random black guys with the pads, and the people that let me barge into their hotel rooms without permission to play CvS2.

Takayuki knows who the winner is… :rofl:

Congratulations to Yoshidasan for proving all his critics wrong and taking it all. Thank you again very much for all the games.

Knit, your K-groove is extremely strong and I’ll be training extra hard to catch up.

I’m disappointed Shiro didn’t show up, but I’m very happy I got to meet Choi and Ohnuki. Their Shotos and Sagats are my inspiration to play this game and I hope to eventually reach their level of skill and control one of these days.

Thanks again to all the people I did or didn’t get to game with and I’ll see everybody again next year.

Oh yeah, big thanks to Kim btw. Although his general play style is a little too random for me to like, he has a permanent scowl more menacing than Batman and the Incredible Hulk’s combined, and he also must of thought I was random nerd or something because every time I tried to talk he says just one sentence and would leave, but he’s the only other good C-Rolento player besides Shiro and Sanford that I know of, and I admire the way he knows his matchups. If it weren’t for Kim taping those matches of Shiro playing during the Japan trip I probably still wouldn’t have a third character to play either, so thanks for that too. It was from watching those vids, and then watching Daigo get taken down by Rolento at last Evo that made me like this character.

I learned Rolento’s far s.MK beats Blanka’s d.HP clean when both are pressed at the same time. s.MP works as anti-air even against the high priority jump-ins that I hate like Mai’s j.HK. Chun’s running jabs are also too good as well. I didn’t know that a Chun running jab after a blocked jab will actually beat mashers. I hit a d.LP after Kim made me block Chun d.LP to try to interrupt, and he destroyed me with RUN counter hit d.LP, link far s.MP xx super on reaction. Too good. I see a lot of similarities in our gameplay actually. He loves Rolento counter hit s.LP, d.LP xx super and Sagat d.LK (blocked), counter hit d.LK, d.MK xx super just as much as I do.

So yeah, thanks again to a fellow C-Rolento player and I’m glad to have had the chance to play some games. I’ll practice hard and give you a much stronger challenge next year.

Good games all the japs i played.

tokido , bas and nitto. joe is a funny guy and using k kyo is tight keep it up.

I had a fucking great time with Takayuki that guy is way to good next to holla holla holla lol

don’t deny it :pleased:

ps; i wanted to play you smoothcat but there really wasn’t a place to play casuals =/

next year.

-never losing in a clutch moment, i had several matches where it came down to the wire and i managed to pull it out by playing smart, and that was the most satisfying thing that ive done in a long time. i didnt lose to anyone i shouldnt have. i was beaten by amir and leezy, both of who are better than me (not for long i hope).
-watching all the semifinals with a front row seat
-rooting for favorite players
-loosing 5 dollars to chaotic blue for combofiend beating like 1/2 the japanese players and making it to top 8, nitto and ohnuki are among the people who he SPIZZANKZORED.
-watching bas win evo, my hero from the beginng. probably the one person who got me interested in cvs2 (although very indirectly)
-playing the “name the fighting game character in alphabetical order” for 4 hours on the way back to socal (starwars and sonic fighters own ur face!)

i want top 8 next year with n-groove

-made it out my pool alive
-did okay vs my first opponent in my qualifying bracket although i still lost.
-watching leezy pull off that 3x dive kick from a level 2 rush kick super cancel even though i have no idea how its done


-getting killed by basic shit in my pools and barely making out of it alive
-missing a tide turning CC with sakura against ashley hernandez that made everything go downhill from there. the background commentary didnt help either.
-missing my paint the fence CC numerous times.
-missed that exciting match between leezy and buk. all i know is that buk got hit by 2 level 3s in one round. any more detail will be appreciated
-missed rf beating ortiz and then buk beating rf
-missed most of the justin vs combofriend final match
-getting OWNED by vasGAYzion’s 2 week old C sagat during the first day.

Thanks to all the peeps I got to play. I don’t get to play people at all nowadays, so it felt good to get some games in against anyone, let alone so many good players. It felt like almost every other person there was a pretty good player with alot of talent.

I’d like to give a heads up to:

Otaru33 or whatever… its good to know another player from the DC area… I am down to get games in whenever. I’ll PM you my number.

Nestor… for giving me some pointers on my game and being dope with downback rushdown Honda.

KCXJ… you don’t suck man. you were pretty good overall… hopefully I’ll get to play you more when my in match execution isn’t garbage.

Ohayo1234… your rolento is cool as hell. I really hope to get mine as good as yours. hopefully I’ll get to play you in more than 1 match of casual.

RF… You are a funny ass guy sporting the “WILL PLAY FOR MONEY” sign like a homeless dude. It was fun playing you in casuals.

Bas… Congrats on winning it. I wish I had gotten more than a couple matchs w/ you.

LTB… Your a dope dude, and your Kyo is awesome. Its too bad I only got to play you like 5 or 6 times.

Buktooth… Our 1/2 of a match was good while it lasted. I wish I had got to play you more, but I pretty much didn’t see most of the weekend. Ah well… come to V-Tyme or whatever the fuck the Virginia tournament is.

Pidagoken and Eric Lee… thanks for owning me in the tourny. I hate you Pidagoken for parrying Rolento’s slide every time and st RH super w/ Cammy. Eric Lee was just retarded to play because I lost my first two characters before I knew the game started.

I played many more people and sorry if I don’t remember you specifically. After Evo I was thinking of chilling out on playing games… but now I think I’ll keep at it for a while, just not as seriously.

U finally met" Joe"(Otaru23)… that fool is an Otaku! That’s my homeboy, been playing streetfight with him since Alpha

His K groove is too powerful(JD skill are off the chain). I own Joe for free though… :karate: :rolleyes:

Cheese master
If you wanna play us in cvs2 just holla.

We are like the only 2 in MD that play any more… :sad: I wanted to quit CVS2 but Joe wont let me. :encore: JOE is by far the strongest Cvs2 player in the area period.

Its fun to play somebody, soooooo hardcore.

Sounds like the best evo yet.

Wow this years Evo was CRAZY!! I would just like to thank Kang,Smooth Cat, and Nester all of you guys taught me alot and I’m very greatful. I cant wait until all of us go to Japan its gonna be great :clap: also I have your number Kang so I’ll be sure to give you a call with the number for the cheap tickets to Japan. I learned alot from the Japanese also esp.Bas,and Kindebu, also sorry Buk I wanted to play for money but I forgot your room number :pleased:
PS: Hey Wussup Aaron i’ll be back in Maryland by 4:30pm tomorrow be sure to tell Nas, see yah.

nice AV^^^^ :clap: Ill be sure to tell Nas. peace