Post-EVO Monthly Fuddruckers Survey


Basically, it’s past EVO, I’m burnt out, but I’m going to be helping out a tourney today and participate in it as well. I’m still active and would like to see our monthly tournaments strive and grow.

I’ve been meaning to do this poll for a while, but I want to know from you guys (the NorCal community) if you want a break from tournaments, or if you want this to keep going. I need to see if NorCal is going to make some noise, and if you do… the rest of us will respond to make bigger things happen in the next year.

So make some noise and show us all what’s on your mind!


Personally, going to Evo made me even more hungry for competition. I’d love to see another Fuddrucker’s major at the end of the month.


Yo we need to keep doing the big monthly for sure. BUT we need to make and organize a yearly MAJOR yo.


Bi-weekly could beat down monthly even but I know that would be nigh impossible to set up. >.>


More Tourneys!


I’m going to spoil everyone’s fun here and post an idea. Why not take a couple months to make what we have better. I know everyone had fun at Fudd’s, but there were some complaints from the management that we were taking too long, and from the players that the AC didn’t work.

I wouldn’t mind a month without a tourney for the players to gather themselves and find a better venue.


Seems like the best thing to do would be take a month break and figure out the best thing to do. I definitely think we should keep rolling, keep the momentum. But I don’t think I’d ever attend another session if it meant 200 people in an attic with no A.C. I say take some time to iron out details then go full force again.



There needs to be a NorCal major.


I think every month is a good idea because it’ll keep the scene strong. And now that Blazblue and KoF just came out, the number of entrants should be bigger than before.


well if we wait a month or so the weather will be perfect for fud tourneys!:party::party::party:


Damn. He speaks. With balloons, too.



i’m down for a bi-monthly 128+ pool in a larger venue. probably asking for too much though


yeah i’ve been in hiding, suffering from burnout after the last tourney in HELL MODE!
Here’s the deal.
Fudd’s is an awesome venue because it is FREE!. We could arrange this at a hotel, Entry would be 36$ inc. venue fees, and we’d need to guarantee a certain number of rooms which YOU ALL would need to reserve, adding about 109$ to your total expenses for this , not including gas, food and time off work. It would certainly make organizing the event easier for us, the organizers, but at great cost to you, the players. I will take a look around my area and see if i can find Alts for us, but if we want to keep the prizes for the winner then 0$ venue fee is the way.

id like a month off myself, ill be going to new york for about 9 days beginning aug. But i dont want to see too long go without keeping this inertia going, so heres hoping we manage one in Late september eh? I’m totally with thrust on this, i need a break.


Thanks for all the constructive criticism you guys. Please keep it going.

Also, I know that several of you guys have brought up the idea of finding a new, bigger, and better venue. Whoever had mentioned that to me, please PM or holler at my on AIM.

This year, we should be seeing a lot of big things happening especially with the help from all of you!


Check the Sheraton by the airport (is it the Sheraton? By Sam’s Club). Back in the late 90’s we use to host a lan event there and we didn’t have to guarantee rooms. We just rented out the ballroom.

<3’s to Fudd and all that, but fuck that venue after the last time. Management didn’t turn on the AC and everyone in the building cooked (including their normal diners). The regular dining room, not upstairs, thermostat read 91 degrees. Treating people like that isn’t cool at all.

As for post EVO feelings, I’m not so much burnt out as I am just now swapping around the cast and trying new shit. A tournament in late August, IMO, would be the perfect time for the next event. Plus everyone in NorCal practically knows each other after EVO. We aren’t all strangers in a hot burger shack.


Late August would be nice for a next tourney, and I was curious…If the venue was no longer taking place at Fuddruckers, what should the new tournament name be called? lol HELLO …


Brother’s Bigger, Better, Badder, Baller, Battle By the Bay Bitches!



… I got nothing.

End of August sounds good to me!


Try to find a venue that isn’t expensive. Sacramento has a whole bunch of good tournament room candidates (comic and card warehouses, etc.) that would be happy with just $2 venue fee per person. If you could score a place like that in a more norcal centralized area, it’d be a much better place to hold the tournament.

If we were to hold an August fudruckers, it’d be way to uncomfortable. Literally, I almost passed out when playing a match due to the heat and humidity.


maybe the reason why people outside of norcal doesnt take this tourney as serious as others is because the venue. seth killian and skisonic was cracking jokes about the venue on the stream at evo. maybe in the near future it will be at a school of some sort like a university or a community college, where ever.