Post Evo thoughts

Hey guys I just got back from Vegas and wanted to drop a quick message.

Just wanted to say was good to meet all the Akuma players in person. Got to finally put some faces to the names. I met ShinAkuma204, Toxy, Tokido, Infiltration, and Divino. I also watch Kineda’s match but never introduced myself to him. I was busy watching a friend who made it out of pools and also Bokkin’s match.

I did get some games in against Infiltration and Toxy. Unfortunately I only got one set in against Toxy and we were planning on getting another set in, but our schedules just never matched. Still that set was awesome and I barely won it in the last round of the third match. Sometime Toxy and I will have to run it back. He is a really nice guy in person too. Much respect to him.

Against Infiltration I took a round against him, but in the end he came out on top. He didn’t let any whiff go unpunished.

As for how Evo went I can say I was disappointed with my play this year. I honestly felt like I was not achieving my potential especially considering I was making mistakes I don’t usually make. Part of that was my PS3 inexperience and the other half was I think my defense was not ready for how brutal my pool was. Someone did tell me I scared Marn into picking Viper because he saw my matches against Yun, but I don’t know if that is true or not. Still in the end it is no one’s fault but my own and I know how to prep for next year.

I did love the casuals though. I sat down at the set up and held it down for 3 hours on both Saturday and Sunday. I had a 64 game win streak before Infiltration sat down. Overall Evo was a blast. So much to do and see.

Wow, 64 win streak for real? That’s something pretty awesome man. And lol @ scaring Marn, that would be pretty funny if it’s true. Who was in your pool btw, any big names that we might be aware of? Because you said it’s pretty brutal and Marn got knocked into losers I believe?

Yep Marn lost to a really good Gief player in winner’s finals for our pool. The same gief player knocked out my friend in the main bracket.

There weren’t a ton of names I recognized, but the overall skill level in my pool was very very high. From the start it was a brutal grind for everyone in the pool. The Rufus player I lost to was a friend of Viscant’s. This was rather obvious since Viscant was standing right behind me cheering him on. I also grinded out a win against an insanely good Vega player. I hadn’t heard of his name before, but after the match Bokkin was telling me he was rather well known.

I know what you mean. The skill level in your pool consistently high, not like other pools where the skill level was perhaps more evenly spread making it easier to get through? That’s kinda unfortunate though, what I don’t understand is why EVO didn’t go with Xbox if there is a delay on the PS3, unless Sony were sponsoring them. I mean, XBOX’s are cheaper also so it would make more sense to use them, although thinking about it Sony probably did sponsor EVO.

There is all sorts of reasons they use PS3. It isn’t necessarily terrible to play SF4 on (not like Marvel 3 is), but if you aren’t use to it then it sucks.

was the vega tatsu? it’s an asian dude with really long hair. also, did any of you guys who went get on to the stream?

No it wasn’t Tatsu I would have recognized him right away.

I am so gonna go next year, saving up my monies
frined of mine wants to have his stag do in vegas, maybe I can get him to have it at the same time and “slip away”…
for 4 days

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