Post-Evo Thoughts

Evo was so hype even on my fucking monitor!!! Spent all weekend (I mean ALL weekend) watching the stream and what an amazing final to an amazing event. Wanted to see a down-to-the-wire final match and it couldn’t have gone much better than that. Even my girlfriend was watching and was going nuts even though she doesn’t play. Oh and Daigo is not human, grats to him.

Sanford… wow dude. Wanted to see this guy win. Total respect for this guys play, his humility, and his beastly Cammy vs Dan. Grats on MvC2.

23k+ viewers during the SF4 finals so thanks to Evo for getting a decent stream up and allowing thousands of us to get in on the hype from home. Live coverage is the way to go and I’m glad Evo picked up on what DJWheat/Slasher/SirScoots started for this community (respect) and did a great job with it.

I want to compliment Seth Killian on being a fucking amazing and very knowledgeable commentator (and i mean he should do this full time he was that good). Also dogface was hilarious in his commentating and the dogface show/cannon brothers was a great touch.

Some things to work on for the live stream:

  • Improve the quality (FPS was shit)
  • Player name overlays
  • A crowd camera to cut to during breaks or w/e
  • Online brackets be updated always

There is more to say but ill leave it at that. Other than that, I had an awesome weekend just sitting on my ass watching evo :D.

If we let it, only shit will get much bigger and better from here. Im fucking stoked for the future of Street Fighter.

I was jumping up and down after every round during the final match, and so was everyone else in the room. That shit was crazy. Daigo got swamped in a corner afterwards, I felt pretty bad, haha. There were about 30 people and he was backed into it. Got him to sign my stick, along with a couple other people like Ono and Valle, I didn’t get a chance to catch Killian while he was free :(. Gootecks stole my fucking sharpie.

My head is still spinning. Props to the Evo staff and everyone who helped on the event. Love you guys~

I felt like the players were really dedicated this year. I believe Sanford showed the most. When he won the MvC2 finals, I kept saying wow over and over again. When he lost the SFIV semis, I really felt horrible for him. Keep that awesome Cammy, dude. Props to him and every player that worked hard but didn’t make it~

It’ll take a long time for me to recover from this year’s Evo, I can’t get over how great it was.

I <3 dogface+s-kill commenting at the same time.

First of all, I wished I was there!
Watched it on the live stream and it was entertaining for the most part.

Was nice to see Scott rape with Sakura!

Watch as many players will start using her online.

They will be crappy though.

Ed Ma was awesome and so was Sanford.

I am happy that Daigo won.


Fun time watching all the different tournaments on the stream. Thank you for the people at Evo and Ustream for making this happen. Amazing match ups went down this weekend and it has convinced me to go next year.

great weekend to sit on my ass and watch some great matches.

crackfiend was just amazing in the 5v5 but sadly didnt win the last fight. i was sad to see that socal lost to the wild card.

i enjoyed choi vs ed ma II. ed ma put up some great matches. When choi messed up the super and ed countered it with the super or ultra.

wong vs daigo was awesome. I had goosebumps. it lived up to the hype and was an amazing series.

the only bad thing about it was when it shut off at times. it needed more dog face. it would have been awesome.

i didnt see the final of mvc2 as i had to go out atm. hopefully it gets posted real soon.

Also the best part was during the daigo vs jwong on MSNBC it was to catch a predator

I mainly watched the stream for my favorite game, SoulCaliburIV. Upset central on that front, many players that a lot of the community predicted to win were eliminated in the pools. Most of us were glad/relieved a Hilde didn’t win, but shit. No Hilde made the top 3.

Namely had to go back and watch what was archived.

Many a times I randomly tuned in. And everytime I did, I got StreetFiytahFO!

I enjoyed watching the 5v5 and the Finals for SF4. Sabre’s Sakura rushing Alex Valle’s Ryu got me all kinds of hyped. Sanford’s Cammy, so many others. Great matches overall. Then I managed to catch the SF4 Grand Finals, in its full nail biting glory. That was epic. Kinda inspired to pick SF4 back up watching all those matches.

Mad props on setting up this epic stream so those who couldn’t make it out, weren’t left out.

Very fun time, I played lots of casual game and I learned a lot in BlazBlue.

Though I think the online stream could have been A LOT better. It was just freeze at times.

watching evo this weekend was the best 48+ hours ive spent sitting on my ass in all year!! Great matches all around but mike Ross really dissapointed me:sad:

props to the cannons for putting on the best tournament ever… the live stream was amazing and I’ll definitely be there next year.

You guys never get credit you deserve for putting everything together.

Watched this shit at Rivals. Took one of his mini laptops and connected to his tv and watched it proper. It was good times.

Shit was too legit. So good.

Definitely attending evo next year.

Puerto Rico was representing in SF4.

and HearNana was fucking sick in BlazBlue.

This year’s Evo was fantastic. Insane level of competition and the tournaments were ran very well.

so did anyone catch what the translator was saying during when Ono was talking?

couldn’t really anything from the live stream

  1. Fans made SF4 possible.

  2. Something about a future game but couldn’t announce anything.

  3. He loves everybody.

Finally…acceptance. :clown:

ha ha that’s what’s up

thanks fellas

I just got back from the 3.5 hour drive…oh my god, that last match between daigo and jwong was AMAZING. The atmosphere was so crazy and hyped…I feel sorry for whoever wasn’t there. They missed out =O

Here’s my thougts. If that ver of marvel for ps3 is the new tournament standard a lot of ppl will be angry.