This thread is for the Seattle/Portland aftermath/reflection of this years amazing/random EVO outing!

I will start off by saying I had a fucking dope ass time this time around compared to last year. Outside of the super awesome people that I kicked it with, the Tekken community from across the nation showed Seattle love. I can’t hate on that dude!

SF people are fucking salty as fuck when it comes to being apart of a healthy community but who gives a shit when HYRE gets puked on by HEAVY D!!!

I have more to post but for now this will get things going!

Big thanks to everyone who had some sort of media recording device and used it well. We all have something funny to show everyone else when the time comes! And I’ll just leave it at that.

Man so many good memories from this year,

Weapon X
Random Barfing
Frank pissed off

and im sure there were plenty more but i was just drunk as a mother fucker, MOTHER FUCKERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

…Again? Was there a 4" tall brown pile like last time? One that rested partially against the wall?

Can’t stop…won’t stop…eh eh eheh :rofl:

Seriously tho’, does this count against him or not since it was in Vegas?


Props to SLASH for taking a million dope ass pictures like the one above.

Also, look for a Seattle head in the background in this video. There are 3 parts but here is just the first one. You need to watch all 3 ASAP!


what seattle head are you talking about? and is it just someone’s voice? if so, what part of the video?

I hope everyone had fun. If they have Marvel next year, I think I might go.

Didn’t think I’d be on the video, but yeah, that was my head in the background. I saw some serious top-level play and it’s going to help me a lot as I ponder what these guys were doing live as opposed to watching a youtube.

Listening to execution, watching mannerisms (Daigo showed signs of emotions while playing those money matches), habits, the detail of spacing… shit was on a level much higher than I am at.

Great overall experience. The people in the “Salty Suite” were definitely cool people. Kind of sad I didn’t stick around to watch the $12,000 money match in Marvel.

Evo was tight.

Shoutouts to the Seattle cats I met for the first time and those who I saw for the first time in a while. Anti-shoutouts to the bartender who tried to get BBH deported. Anti-shoutouts as well to the Ono cocktease extravaganza.

sounds like you should have been following ono’s twitter activity

I know right? I need another medium by which to be teased.

I took a big ass shot after laughing for 5 minutes at viveks perfect imitation of this [media=youtube]HHtAEyhpvLs&feature=related[/media] and basically coughed that and the last hour or two up. It wasnt that much.

I took a big ass shot after laughing for 5 minutes at viveks perfect imitation of this [media=youtube]HHtAEyhpvLs&feature=related[/media] and basically coughed that and the last hour or two up. It wasnt that much.

evo was a failure for me.

I was in my room most of evo trying to support US tekken.
(well my room got taken over, and noone asked me as usual)

Although I had the Hypest tekken room (mind boggling how many top tekken players).
my heart was with seattle, and all i wanted to do was PARTY with you guys all weekend.

Not gonna make the same mistake again.

I keep wondering how every major you go to, you always get the top tekken players. It was seriously mind boggling how many SNCR, Strongstyle, EVO top 8 players were in your room, for both sncr and evo.

Evo was amazingly hype and all I can say about it is that I am coming back next year. To everyone from Seattle who I met at this tournament and knew before good stuff. Can’t wait to make some bigger mistakes next year.


shoutoutz to vivek cuz i heard he got some pussy down in vegas AHAHAHAHAHHAHA HINDU MAGIC

I may have only placed top 500 or something @ Evo.

But goddamn I am pretty sure I got top 8 at drinking.