big congrats to choi for taking cvs2 this year! most importantly the US had a great showing as usual. even though the results for cvs2 were crazy i can’t help but think that this will be cvs2’s last year at evo due to new games coming out. here’s to hoping it comes back! anyways, on to shoutouts.

gene: i know you wanted revenge on justin but beating combofiend in top 8 must have been sweet revenge :wgrin::wgrin:

laugh: i don’t think we even played one match against each other, lol. it was great chilling with you and the norcal guys on my last night. godlike vega footsies.

combo: thanks for entertaining us w/ the best semi finals match (you vs ricky). your k groove is truly on another level.

buk + charlie: i hate you motherfuckers for beating me. where were you guys on saturday???

havoc: nice meeting you. wish we could have played more but there were too many 3s MMs going on saturday. west coast cvs2 is pretty deadly, eh :lovin::lovin:

scrubydan: ggs in pools. my motto w/ rock, “JUST DO IT.”

leezy: damn son, i can’t believe you’re getting married. i wish those MMs went through. your cvs2 career can be summed up as “THE STRUGGLE (9th place).” you’re still my favorite american k groover.

even though i wanted to at least make top 16 this year i didn’t deserve to get very far since i didn’t play that much this past year. this will be my last cvs2 tournament. GGs.

Word… Cali K-Groove is pretty sick. For real, you guys are pretty crazy. I played shitty most of the time, and I couldn’t even do my GC CC’s going, but whatever… I had fun regardless, I still fucked enough people up, and I got a game off Bas, so I’m good for now.

Good shit to albert_c, patmonsta, Warren, pgruvr, and other random Cali nigs for great games… random P-Groove guy with his K-Groove friend, and Amir for letting me streak for a while, so I could feel myself no homo.

Good seeing people that I didn’t actually get to play. Jal, Peter, Buk, whoever else.

laugh for taking my lunch money :sad: Your Akuma is sick too.

Hopefully, some of you guys will come out to Ohio. I hope nigs just keep playing…

If anyone’s still in Vegas, Steve and I would love a few more games against Cali.

It really sucks that I could not make it out due to family stuff hopefully there is 1 last torney or something. I heard a lot of great things about wc cvs2 from hav and steve.

i wish evo was back in cali so i wouldn’t get distracted by vegas… or more appropriately so evo wouldn’t distract me from vegas.

ggs to all. cant wait for sf4/tvc… finally time to play something new.

I didn’t play any casual CVS2 this year, but GGs to everyone in my pool. Havoc, I got lucky! That shit was mad close. We’ll have to run it back next year even if CVS2 isn’t in the main lineup. Emphy beat the shit out of me, some of the stuff he did even had me smiling during the match. Too good. :amazed:

i wish i went :sad:

bean: those were good games, i tried really hard with my kyo to get in control of ur rock but u pressured me well. ur cammy was giving me the hardest time. overall very good games and sorry for going AIYA when i mess up my combo with sagat LOL…i generally dont miss those combos at all…so sad =( hopefully my rock can be as scary as urs lol, and also, ur funny as hell. thank you for your advice, i’ll remember it

havoc: played u a couple casuals and good games, i had to put sagat first because kyo is too hard to get in on hibiki…lol. nice rc rekkas with iori on my kyo for the finish, i didnt expect it coming, you baited it well.

gene: finally get to play u lol, i think i would do slightly better if i get to play more a groovers, but your an amazing player and good games

fatbear: i guess thank you for playing me with your N groove, because there’s no way i can beat your A with those well timed sakura rc’s, etc. i perfer those match ups for kyo since he does better against shotos, and chun cannot bird kick rock to death lol. it was a hell lot of fun playing you, hope to see u next portland tourney perhaps!

laugh: nice talking to you, didnt get to play your a groove tho, but you have a killer C sagat!

choi: that was the most amazing cvs2 match i have ever seen, you make everyone proud, props…

buk: i was hoping to play you casual or money match but didn’t get the chance to ask you, that ocv you got on Jwong was nuts

even tho this is my first and maybe my last evo, it was an amazing experience with you guys and i just gotta say, thank you all

gg’s to all I played, and here is my cvs2 shoutouts:

bean: good to see you again though we didn’t get to play each other at all…lol

gene: you look taller now.

ed ma: I hate your roll uppercut when your last character has no life left…:rofl:

john choi: you are the new CHAMPION OF EARTH in my book now…lol your dad is also top tier, and here is the legendary quote from him: "WHERE IS THE CHEESE? :confused: "…lol

laugh: good to see you again and gg’s in cvs2 and hnk though we didn’t get to play much again this time…lol hope you had a nice flight back to korea~

the portland crew: gg’s to all yesterday. I was jealous that everyone in your group can play cvs2…lol vancouver only has like 2-3 serious cvs2 players now…:sad: btw, “FREE CHARGE” ftw and lol @ the transformation of fatbear to leanbear…:rofl:

the hawaiian crew: good to see you guys again, and gg’s to wang. shoulda given you a call when I was playing with the ‘white wang’ group yesterday…lol

all in all, evo was fun and I overheard the jap guys saying that they can’t understand why sf4 was so hyped at evo…lol btw, kindevu is so good at hnk; playing him makes me smile… anyway, that’s it for now.

this was supposed to be the beginning of the vice era

oh well roll throw lol

Justin Wong Factor is real.

I get Wonged out every time. It’s never a solid win. Either I drop him, or he gets roll super or some other dumb shit. I know the feeling.

Bean: I saw your matches. you have really stepped it up dude. please don’t quit on me. Yeah, this is probably the last year but of course well have side tourneys. You are one of the best K Groovers in the US.

Buk: …Buktooth RUUUUUULES!(still)

Good matches to everyone i played - Steve H, ScrubyDan, etc.

To all other players: please keep cvs2 alive. dont quit. everyone of you really do count. don’t think of this as a last year of cvs2 and that there is no point in playing. I personally thought of it like that this weekend. But after performing well and showing myself that i have improved, It feels great to have prove to myself what this hard work has done. ANYONE can become a top player. Keep playing guys.

GGs to everyone I played in tourney. Especially to JJJ and HAK who peaced me out of the tourney. It reminded me that I acutally need to play this game to be any good at it, and so I have decided to start practicing more and more. Hopefully next year it will still be around and I will not dissappoint.


during this EVO tournament, since buktooth was in my pool, i was spending a great deal of time analysing how buktooth plays, and i have finally come to a conclusion on buktooth’s weakness, and the ULTIMATE SECRET on beating buktooth. dont ask me why i am sharing this awesome jawsome secret, cuz…i’m just cool like that. please follow these steps:

  1. pick A-Kim
  2. roll uppercut
  3. roll, roll uppercut
  4. roll, activate

= $$~profit~$$

Don has been doing that for YEARS. I wonder how he did at EVO…

Anyway, most of us are gonna look to the future (SF4, TvC), but I don’t think people are gonna completely abandon CvS2. After 7 years, the game is still fun. And of course, some people are gonna invoke their old geezer pass, saying things like “SF4/TvC got it all wrong, all you ultra-new-skoolers need to play the classics like CvS2” :wgrin:

We had to wait 7 years for Capcom to give us a truly new game. (I would have liked to play CFJ more but no one around me wanted to play that game) Those 7 years would have been inexcusable had it not been for this deep game that keeps us coming back for more…if it had to be any game to be stuck on during that hiatus, it would definitely be CvS2. :lovin:

holy shit,
gene wong OCV’d the shit out of me, that sucked, but it was a real wake up call.

it was good to meet leezy, magus, pat, and laugh.

good games to laugh, patmonsta, and whoever else i played, i don’t think i won one round of cvs all weekend, but SF4 was hella fun

john choi’s cvs final was godlike, i’ve never felt so proud to be american ha ha ha

it was my first evo, probably the most fun i’ve ever had playing video games!

How good was the tournament…did people actually step their game up?