Post here if J.Wong influenced you to main Balrog

Since J.Wong’s EVo 09’Balrog pick against Daigo, I’m just curious to see exactly how much influence Justin Wong has over people’s character picking decisions…

Why does this need a thread?

I was gonna pick up Balrog before Justin’s epic final at Evo.

well i mained balrog months ago but I’m just curious to see if there’s gonna be a ton of balrogs playing online now. I hate mirror matches so much too.

I was afraid of this after last night.

the real balrog genius this weekend was eduardo from puerto rico. if youre gonna copy anyone, copy him, because after watching him play i think even already well established players need to rethink their style.

Why the hell would he? No he dident I chose him because hes my best character.

great grand finals

Don’t be a sheep. -_-

I think I have to change my main now. My main currently is boxer but I have been for a loooooong while. I don’t want to be lumped in the group with the 20000 boxers we’re going to have online for the next 3 months.

There’s been a ton of Boxer players in SF4 for a while now, at least in my exp. He’s is solid as hell in this game, so if people want to give him up for what’s most likely a worse character just because there’s a matchup they don’t like, go right ahead.

A thread like this was made in the Abel forums after Wong picked Abel ONCE during all of Devestation…

Sweet Jesus. Play the character you like, not because some top player picked him

no. although, i’m sure you’ll see an exponential increase of Balrogs online. oy vey, i hate mirror matches. boring.

agreed. IMO, Eduardo Perez was the most entertaining and exciting player to watch. i play Honda as well. so, it was twice as exciting to watch him play.

Nope…Honda 4 life! Yeye. Boxer is pretty awesome I do have a lot of fun using him. Abel and Rufus was no match for Daigo…it only made sense for JWong to switch to Rog…and again a wasted effort. I’m glad JWong lost…

this is the realest post in here.


I was hoping Wong would bust out a dash Ultra to punish fireballs from Daigo but it didn’t happen.

Perez however, was on point, I think he might have gone further if he didn’t try to counter pick Sanford.

Oh ya, GGs Jeenyus.
I run into you on player matches with my Gief from time to tyme.

I don’t think its going to do much to anyones character picking.

He was exciting and all but not enough to change the whole SF4 community. He did things that were great and executed perfectly but still…anyone good with a character they like will stick to it. The few hundred sheep will switch to balrog and decide to switch back to their real main after taking many beatdowns.

I understand people that main balrog are happy to see J.Wong rep their character so well, but its not earth shattering. Rog is solid ass pick and bruh got skillz.

Real talk, people just don’t know how good c. LP really is, you can stutter that shit so clean if you’re smart about it

Also, Crackfiend being a boss in the 5 on 5, take notes people that’s smart rog play

wow…34 people in the boxer thread, i knew this bullshit was gonna happen, and i told my friend as soon as j wong picked him, us balrog players are fucked…

go play ryu or something

Truth. His Honda was also crazy good. He’s a bit reckless with his offense sometimes but damn if it isn’t exciting to watch.