Post here if no problems with se Joystick

A few hours in and so far so good for me.

I have 25 hours on mine. It’s still alright. It never has become stuck.

Good to hear, atleast some more positive news.

Fine here.

I assume you are talking about the HRAP EX-SE. Nothing wrong with mine so far but am taking some time to get used to the square gate (I’m in Australia and am more used to Happ sticks. All up though couldn’t be happier, just still adjusting.

No the SF 4 SE sticks

mines good too, but i’m not using it until I get a sanwa stick.

buddy picked up 2 360 ones and id say each has had a good 15+ hours of use by now with no problems yet

20 hours on mine. no snags.

Had major problems with first stick, i could tell it was sticking from the moment i laid my hands on it, i was gonna fix it but the guide button is broke (yes it was unlocked before you ask). Went to the store picked up another one, tested the buttons first, and when i got to test the stick, it already felt really nice, i opened it up in anycase to make sure the washer wasn’t messing anything up, definately wasn’t going anywhere. Swapping for sanwa later on anyways. Overall much better than my HORI EX2 buttons and stick wise (hell even the defective stick was better than the hori ex2)

I picked mine up today from a new shipment at GameCrazy. From all the talk here, the first thing I did was open it up to fix the washer problem as I didn’t want to wear out the PCB. I was able to get every single part except the damn E-Clip which would allow me access to the washer.

Regardless, one thing I found was that my washer did not move around like others. It wasn’t glued into one place, but rather the groove in which the washer sits seemed deep enough to house it. I played around with the stick unassembled for a good hour or so making sure that it wouldn’t slide out after some abuse. Low and behold, the washer stayed in place. Everything for the past couple of hours or so playing SFHD (stupid Gamestop wont get my SF4 till tomorrow) has worked flawlessly. I’ll update this thread later once I get more wear into the stick.

Maybe it was just the early production runs that had the problems? The GameCrazy that I purchased mine at JUST got their shipment in today so maybe it was part of a later run. I guess we’ll just have to find out.

That’s exactly what is going on with my stick as well, the groove was keeping that washer in place didn’t have to do anything. EIther way I only have about 5-6 hours of play total.

6 hours of use. Seems fine so far.

Mine’s got a few hours of use; it was sticking the first few minutes I was using it but it’s been fine ever since.

my stick stuck once or twice when i first started playing it… but after a match i never had the problem… been playing with it for about 6 hrs.

Mine worked for about 5 days, then the PCB couldn’t take it anymore. I played it nonstop too, so you aren’t out of the woods after a day or two of solid play. Personally I would just crack it open and fix it right away if you are not going to replace the stick itself.

Knock on wood I hope mine stays fine.

Played with mine for about 5 hours and it’s still going strong. I suck with it but it’s still working!

Great thread, its giving me a bit more confidence in my order, mines its not arrived yet :frowning: but i will report back.

How about turning it into a poll thread with problem/no problem etc…?

Yeah I got to get use to using sticks as well. Totally fun