Post here if no problems with se Joystick

Four of us with standard Fightsticks in the office, and so far so good.

Mine works just fine so far I’ve got parts on the way.

BTW I actually didn’t hear about any washer problem with the SE. I heard that some had problems, but never heard what they were specifically. Is it recommended that I open it now before even getting the parts to do a fix?

THe way this board sounds it is all of them. I think it’s a ceratin percentage and I hope midway does some kind of recall for those with problems. Mine is still fine after more use.


Mine came perfect from Amazon yesterday, I even opened it up to check just in case and the washer held down just fine.

No issues here.

No issues so far after several days. Can’t say I am very skilled yet. But training mode input monitoring helps a lot, and the stick is doing what it’s supposed to, even though I am not necessarily telling it do what I need to. Some of the buttons might have become touch less sensitive over time, but could be me not pressing as hard as before. Haven’t looked inside, but symptoms indicate that the washer has stayed put.

*whew. i got my stick on monday, but can’t try it out til saturday. this thread is making my week a lot easier. thanks guys.

I made this a bit pre mature. The stick still works but here are the issues

The stick just from use is less sensitive. You really have to push it in those corners which is awkard during a hard fight.

The buttons feel a bit lose. I hate them.

I am replacing stick/buttons with sanwa for better feel and longetivity.

After 2 weeks of good use one of my buttons is starting to stick on me and feel less responsive. First I ordered a bat top and octagonal gate from lizard lick, then I decided that I wanted a new stick so I ordered that. Now I need new buttons! I should have just done it all at once and saved myself some shipping $$. Oh well. I still love having a stick though!