Post here if you get the "Your post needs to be verified/approved" message

This happens when I use Tor, not when I use a normal browser.

yesterday, I ran into this problem! It’d be cool if someone could approve the post.

Incidentally, I’m curious what triggers it. Does anybody know?

I just got one in the TT BUTTHOLE thread. I think I double posted because I didn’t see the message orignially due to the ComplexGames ad bar on bottom of screen.

Everyone who posted so far should be fine now.

Is this thread still good? I got this message for a post in this topic:

Hi, happened to me in this thread SF4:AE World Ranking - Site has been beta-released

It was quite an elaborate reply with researched links, so I would like to get it posted :slight_smile:

@Valaris I have the problem. Thanks in advance.

Hi there, I posted 3 times before I realised this was happening. If you could delete the first two and approve the third I would be most grateful. Thanks.

Here’s the thread:

All of you should be fine. You will need to repost whatever you submitted but it shouldn’t happen again.

I’m getting this issue when trying to post a new thread in the Trading Outlet.

You should be good now.

just happened when posting a link to a video with a little text


User “Guerilla_Tech” says he’s unable to post messages anywhere on SRK. He can’t PM mods either about this issue.

Can you guys do anything?

I got it when I posted a new thread about AVG2 in the Other Games section.


Just happened to me. I couldn’t see the message due to the “complex games” ad-bar at the bottom obscuring it. I think I posted the same thing like 4 times before realizing it.


I just got it as well when trying to make a post in one of USF4’s character discussion threads.