Post here if you get the "Your post needs to be verified/approved" message


Yep. The message appears to be hidden for many people by the Complex Media bar. :\


got the message a few hours ago when making a post. still hasnt shown up


Fixed up.


I finally saw the message after trying to post about 10 times, sorry if I caused any problems, but the message was hidden in the lower left corner. :smiley:


Yep. You’re fixed now. Deleted all your dupes.


Getting this message too. Tried posting in a couple of Street Fighter V threads - all resulted in approval error


You should be good. Deleted all your dupes. The first posts are always going through. They just cannot show up until a mod approves you if you weren’t Verified. Sorry. New spambot filter is weird.


I haven’t got any message but I can’t post here: Are You Okay? SRK Mental Health Thread

Tried 3 times today.




Every single member of SRK now has to be Verified before their posts show up. This is going to bite a lot of people. We’re fixing people up as you pop up in the queue, but it’s often ~8 hours before the next time we fix everybody up.


Verified another buncha users now. Everybody who ran into this before 7:3PM PDT today should be good.

Reminder: EVERY user on SRK now has to be Verified before their posts show up. Unless you were previously Verified, your posts are being blocked by the aggro spam filter. This affects every user regardless of how long they’ve been here.

Thanks, Vanilla. :\


Hey there, I just posted something in tech-talk and got this message :wink:


You triple-posted here, but I cleaned that all up. You’re good to go now.

Until a user is Verified, the absolute only place their posts can be seen are in the spam queue.


i just got this message too. i hope everything can get sorted out.


This affects every single member of SRK. That’s a whole lot of people. We’re working through it, but expect significant (~8 hour) delays before your account gets Verified. Sorry.

You’re good now.


I cant post in GD either (havent tried anywhere else)


Fixed. As noted, this affects every single member of SRK. A large chunk of people are already Verified. Those that aren’t are going to hit this. It sucks. Thanks Vanilla. :\


I cant post things :frowning:



Generally there’s currently no need to post here about it unless it’s been over twelve hours: the Spam Queue shows everybody bitten by this and is what we’re using to Verify people and get them fixed up. <3


I get the message. Do I have to repost, or does my post automatically get posted when it’s fixed?


Hi I got the same message today. Please fix this.