Post Here if you won your local Gamestop SSBB Tourney!

Hey, everyone. So, if Gamestop wasn’t lying, there should be about 2,500 people who won tournaments last night. I’m sure some of us from SRK managed to make it out of the first round of “the biggest video game tournament of all time,” right?

I was at the Gamestop in Munster, IN (which is pretty close to Chicago). The employees had everyone sign up between 9:00 and 9:30, then they made us all leave for a half hour while they put together a bracket (using the game’s built-in tourney system). Each of us was given a randomly selected character, and the game was set up as a 1-minute K.O. fest with all items on and random stages. I managed to get Metaknight, which was nice because he has a really fast dash attack. This was useful because all but one of my matches went to sudden death. In the end, I won a silly looking trophy and an ivitation to the next tournament in Merrillville, IN. Will I be seeing any of you there?