Post if you like sean

i do.

Damn right! He goes hard!

how long you been that brazilian boy?

For 3 glorious yrs. lol. He’s the reason I got into sf3 in the first place.

how did he get you into sf3? was yellow your favorite color or something?

First, I thought he was a black shoto. Then, he had different moves. He had a different change of pace, so I was intrigued.

i like that hes shoto but hes not at the same time, very intriguing character he is. hes not for novices and i like the challenge.

definitely. He’s a different person in general. I like his uniqueness.

you guys should ask him out, one of you is bound to get lucky.

everytime i turn on my xbox or hit up that machine we are on one! BOOM, in ya faceeee!


I do. He is my best character, next to Makoto.

I love Sean, but I can’t play him worth a damn. He seems like he’d be pretty good if I could figure out wtf I was trying to do, but I spend most of my time flailing around and just failing in general lol.

I’m determined to get good with him. Despite his many downfalls he has the potential to be good. You just have to know what to and not to do. ex. do not ever use his tornado kick, stick with the over head.

fuck others shoto’s in 3.

Sean rules… have you seen his study art in SF4’s gallery… it’s so boss… and also

his freethrow taunt is top tier of all taunts…

What you talking about with the sf4 gallery?, link me.

sean is cool, alot of ppl think hes the new dan though…

sean > dan :smiley:

no link, sry… just unlock it… it’s under the guise of ‘new character ideas’… apparently the dude eventually became Rufus… go figure