Post-it art at the office from the past 9 months

I worked at Nielsen on a headset, leaving the hands free for data entry. When there was nothing to enter, I used my time wisely (because working on a telephone is usually mindless).

The smallest of post-its are perfect for starting storyboards.
I used these to keep my sanity. I resigned. Time to unveil the art (some random familiar characters in there).

You’ll see Cody, Skullomania (twice), Nakoruru, Urien, Makoto, Combot, King, Kuma, Yoshimitsu, Heihachi, and Vice to name a few. And that Kung-Fu monkey from Kim Possible.

If any artist here are forced to work on a phone, use a headset & draw. Best not to work on phone, though, unless it’s reception.

I storyboarded a video my church will shoot (split-screen) ala Sliding Windows. And part of a feature animated film. And an online comic. All unpaid.:lol:

I did get paid for animation of a demon jumping out of a high-rise to land on the street and a poster design.

The other stuff was good practice.

I need start reply to some of the art here. Nice work, folks.

Some of the post-its I threw away. Some I gave to co-workers.
But most are here.

If you check out one living artist before you die, read a Kyle Baker comic.

King David.

You Are Here.

And study him, a master of drawing!:cool:

Practicing composition in a very small space is usefull.

Only a few more-

Tekken Zaibatsu has some good art as well-

Hellbear I drew when I first read the Hellboy comic years ago.

I missed out on a temp job opportunity that may never come again. A person can conceivably apply for jobs 18 hrs. a day and not find a thing, though.

That’s it. On to more drawing, I suppose.

that’s hot. i like it. post more if you have more.:slight_smile:
you need to make a collage of it, and somehow get it on a really huge white sheet of paper, frame it and get it in an art show. shit is hot.

Yeah, office work is one of the better times to multitask. Keep it up.