Post K.O ultras

As some of you may know,this game allow to make moves sligthy after the KO.We’ve seen specials,focus,comand combos…and even supers and some ultras.I’ve got a doubt about the ultras.Ibuki and C.Viper can HJC moves into ultras,but can they do it post KO? after a lot of tries y only got seismos from viper and raidas or tsujumis from Ibuki,I belive it’s my execution messing up.And also can you do it after a trade? I really don’t know where to put this,sorry if it’s the wrong place,but I’m really curios about this.

Useful information:

Answer to question 1:
No, because the way post KO stuff works is that you can only get a cancel type of move. Cancelling a grappler normal that kills an opponent, into a super/ultra is probably the flashiest example. Meanwhile, the way that Ibuki/Cviper SJC ultras work is that it is something like
cr.HP xx super jump xx ultra

That is, the cr.HP is cancelled into the super jump, and the super jump is then cancelled into ultra. When cr.HP kills the opponent, you will only be able to get the super jump, and you cannot input the ultra cancel after the KO.

Answer to question 2:
Yes, both Ibuki/CViper can trade into ultra. Examples:
CViper: xx MP TKnuckle xx U1 (if trades, you get U1)
Ibuki: cr.HP xx SJC LK cd xx U2 (if cr.HP trades, you get U2)

edit to question 2:
Just realized you meant trade (which KOs) until ultra. This is not possible, because you are in hitstun when the KO appears.

Oh Ok,thanks :smiley: