Post- Match interviews in the future por favor!

It’d be interesting to hear what the players impressions of the match right after. I’d like it right after just so there responses might be candid and obviously the match is still fresh in their mind. Some examples of what i would want to have heard addressed from this year’s EVO:

*Poognko’s thoughts after perfecting Daigo- if he was surprised, or if it played out the way he expected.
*Shiro’s opinion on Juicebox’s Abel. If he was amused/ annoyed at JB’s ultra dance. If he was at all tempted to go for the mirror- match.
*Jwong’s thoughts after being elimanated out of AE ( watched the match, and it seemed like he didnt care about it, like he wanted to just get over w/ so he could start thinking about marvel)

Since the matches play out back- to - back the interviews could be played when there’s a lull in the stream. I’m sure there’s a reason why no one has requested these, something i overlooked- so please clue me in on why this might be a bad idea.

Yes I second that, but I doubt they will show player interviewes when they can show advertisements instead (my prizeee moneeeyyyy!!!)

an awesome Fuudo interview by Cross Counter…

unfortunately, Zhi didn’t properly translate the best part which was when they were talking about reaction speed.

Fuudo says:

  • sako’s reaction is not great
  • Eita has good reactions
  • mago’s reaction is not great
  • tokido’s reaction is HORRIBLE. :lol: which is something tokido acknowledges, and why he focuses him game on set ups
  • daigo is getting old. this is where he goes on to explain that 19-20 is probably the age where people have the best reactions. though he doesn’t know how much daigo has fallen because he has only seen daigo play since a few years ago. so he can’t tell how good daigo was when he was 19-20, which Fuudo thinks is the peak.
  • one person he think is faster then him is a VF player named Innochi. Unfortunately, Innochi is pretty dumb so it all goes to waste. :lol:

Fuudo is awesome…

I wonder what would Fuudo say about Alex Valle, he is a few years older than Daigo. I love watching Alex Valle though, you can clearly tell how he’s feeling when he plays and I believe some people are just naturally more emotional when they play fighting games. (I get heated up very fast and I feel my body burnnnns when I lose lol)

It’s funny, but Daigo mentioned that he believes he is currently at his peak at an interview. His reason being that he is no longer inexperienced and arrogant (which he admitted that he was at one point, hard to believe I know). I wasn’t surprised that he got eliminated, just pay attention and observe him during one of many interviews he had done during EVO, dude could barely keep his eyes open and dark eye circles all around, jet lag and being sick anyone?

Fuudo’s a drinker! How about, Fuudo, Drunken Master? (I know Fei Long is Bruce Lee clone, and Jackie Chan is Drunken Master, but who cares!)

Lastly, I disagree Fuudo looking like Harry Potter, he is more akin to Tatsuya Fujiwara, the lead male star of “Battle Royale” films and the Death Note live action movie.