Post-Match manners?


I come from the Starcraft scene, where it’s considered good manner to say GG (good game) at the end of a game.

Since you can’t directly tell your opponents GG in a match, are post-match GG’s an okay thing to do via PSN/XBL messages? Or is it just annoying to have strangers messaging you every five minutes or so?


It’s fine to send a message via psn/xbl. Most people don’t mind a quick ‘gg’ in the message title. It’s easier to put short messages like this in the title since it pops up on their screen and they don’t have to go to messages to read it.

It might get tiring doing this for EVERY match though. It’s far easier in SC where you have a keyboard at your fingertips and can message each other during the match.


I usually take a minute or two to settle down between matches anyway. I’m super new so I get that nervous excitement thing going when I play. Thanks!


lol. That’s perfectly normal. After awhile, your nerves will calm down, and your hands will move much more accurately. Keep at it.


Just watch a DSP video, copy what he says and put that in your messages… Especially when you lose. Very good manner indeed… Kappa

But yea, GG is ok… Don’t bother with much else, get your matches in…


I usually write GG after 3 matches or more, if they weren’t one-sided. Doing it after every random ranked match would get tiring.


Better to get a “gg” than an “omg you suck you just spam the same combo over and over.”


I don’t have my keyboard near me when I’m playing, so usually just the last person of the day gets one, or if I leave an endless lobby or something.


Doing it once in a while sounds like a nice idea, not routinely after every match, though. It might break the pace of your own fights, or the fights of others. Maybe you can try sending matches by checking if your previous opponents are still playing using that “Players” tab, or something like that.


in fighting games I think it’s general good manners to do it, but only when the match was actually good. like in RTS you just say it at the end, like a polite “ok I’m taking off, you win.” in fighting games if you send gg it’s usually more like “man that was a sick and close match!”


It has to do with the ease of communication. On GGPO everyone says gg after every match, even if they don’t mean it simply because the keyboard is right there to type directly onto the screen.

On xbox you don’t say gg after every ranked match because the interface is shit and it takes forever to open up and type a message with your arcade stick. There you say gg or some small message after a longer set in a lobby or something.


I’m on ps3 which isn’t horrible. Especially since I need a minute or two to settle myself between matches haha. Thanks for the responses everybody!


Just me personally, I send a message if I played someone more than a couple of times. If they totally destroyed me but weren’t a jerk about it (i.e. rolling me into stun and then taunting), I usually send a “thank you for the matches” just to let them know there weren’t any hard feelings about losing and I’m still trying to improve. I usually receive friendly words of encouragement or tips when I get a response.

If the matches were close, I just send a “gg.”

If I just played a single match with someone, there really isn’t a reason to send them a message unless I want a rematch. It takes forever to type and send (even with a keyboard) and forever to load and read. It’s not uncommon for people to play through 50 different people in a single session, and when games are only a couple of minutes long, it’s just more work than it’s worth.


Send a GG only if you feel compelled to. Just saying nothing and keeping it moving is completely acceptable…if I’m playing a much higher ranked fighter than me and I’m curious about tech ill send a quick question thier way or something.


If I fall for something stupid over and over, I’ll ask what just happened.
If they fall for something stupid, I’ll give them advice on it.

I usually end up receiving a lot of matchup/mindset information.


When someone puts up with me on Endless for more than 5 matches, I’ll usually add them and ask for feedback, as well as asking if they are willing to spar with me in the future.

I never rage on SF for some reason, so post match is always pleasant when I do message people :slight_smile:


plug in a microphone and just say it. save typing for taunting and referring newbies to this site to further piss off the people who end every post with "damn 09’ers!’