Post Northwest Majors thank you's+discussion thread

Despite being a bit down at my performance, I still was AMAZED that Pacific Northwest Majors was as smoothly run and professional as it was. Brent’s event planning experience was definitely apparent, because as a player I definitely felt like I could focus on my game instead of the organization (except for finding people here and there).

So, I’d like to thank Brent for setting everything up and running a good event, Axel Kelly for running Super Turbo and doing a good job while competing himself, and also Clayton for running VF!

My thoughts: A lot of you motherfuckers are REALLY cool to talk to outside of games, and I wish the Portland people could come up more/we would go down to Portland more. It seems like with so many games there is never really enough time to talk to everyone I want to, or play as many casuals as I want to.

It was also really cool to see a lot of new people playing ST and other games. Hopefully the scene can build more so that when the new games (Remix, Tatsunoku v. Capcom, SFIV) come out, people will support those games strongly. Personally the only game I play remotely even close to decently is ST, so I am excited to learn new games with everyone else, to discover cool, abuseable shit.

ST WAS SERIOUS. People were playing very, very well. I really realized how I need to work on my game to even be considered mediocre, hella people here are good at the game. I definitely need to improve a lot.

Really good job to WASFEMTO for getting his first ST victory today in ANY tournament at a major, good job bro! :karate:

I really hope people can feed off of this energy to get psyched for upcomming tournaments, gatherings, and the new shitload of games comming out soon!

Yes, big thanks to Brent. While relatively new to SRK, he fucking stepped up to the plate and actually went out and achieved what many had talked about for years. Seattle and the surrounding areas have a lot of good competition in many games. All they needed was someone to get things rolling, and for that we should all thank Brent. More importantly, it proved to me that Seattle is still a force to be reckoned with. I get tired of reading up about big regional tournaments in other cities that have no fucking clue as to just how hardbody we really get at these games. About time Seattle held it down for the west coast. There is no need to try and put Seattle on the map, because we never left. You can put that on everything, please believe.

With regards to the overall experience, it was certainly one of most enjoyable that I have ever had in a “big” regional tournament. Big ups to the tournament directors. Rob was beasting by even helping out in several of the tournaments. Overall, things ran very smooth considering all of the official tournaments that were run.

I did not do as well as I had hoped in ST. It was fun fighting the man, the myth, and the legend known as the Stiltman and then LM Akira. I always enjoy fighting new players and it shows me where i can improve. Marvel was hectic, but fun. I guess Stiltman had my number, I need to rematch that guy because I seek revenge. Fun times though. I am glad to see a strong showing from the UW marvel crew, especially coming through and getting far like Dan, Alan, and Son. Good shit, show them how we get down in the HUB battlegrounds where the sticks don’t let you block and your fierce button only works half the time.

In conclusion, I would just like to reiterate just how much fun this event was me. We are going to have to do this again next year.

Random notes

  • SamBizzle, that nig is hilarious.
  • Let it be known, Dan is coming up.
  • Good job to Nate, for getting top 8 with Hugo in 3S.
  • Next time, we should start CVS2 at 10AM, so that it can finish by 3PM.
  • By the end of the day, that room smelled like raw ass and fish sticks.
  • MARVEL, no explanation required.

Thanks Brent for planning and thanks to everybody who ran the tourneys. Even though I wasn’t in any tourneys, I still had an amazing time, and hope that this becomes annual.

yo this tournament was sweet thanks for hosting team seattle. i will post again when i put my pictures on my site.

Thanks for comin’ out, man :karate:

Props to YabukiStyle for holding it down for the tri-cities and getting 4th with Yang. That was dope.

^ oh wow, i wish i would have watched

Yeah it was a good time, thanks to the organizers! Everyone was totally cool, seemed every minute I was talking with someone new.

And also thanks to whoever dragged that ST cab in, I enjoyed getting my ass handed to me on it over and over :slight_smile:

yeah the tournament went very well. Even though I didn’t do as good as I would have liked it still was a good tourney!

Sorry if you thought I was mad about my power supply brent… cause I wasn’t I just though ray had mine and everyone else was bugging me about it cause they wanted to go. I was fine with staying till the end… so yeah no worries about that.

Great tournament, extremely well run, thanks to Brent, Zig, and Fry for answering all my dumb questions. (Though I’m sure all of the organizers did a good job, I simply interacted with them the most.)

My only complaint would be the heat (But that’s obviously beyond you guys’ control, no worries.)

Glad this could be run, and I hope we can do this again relatively soon/often.

Awesome, thanks.

Great tournament. Big thanks goes out to Brent for organizing all this. I hope we do this again next year.

Good games to everyone I played in 3S. Congrats to SamY for winning 3S. The GeneiJin resets are sick. Awesome matches to Anthony. I hope to do better against you next time we play. Good seeing a lot of Portland crew again (Val, Mackenzie, Hellsap). Definately gonna hop into training mode when I get back home(still in Seattle right now :smile:)

I have a lot to say, I don’t think I can write it all write now.

Huge thanks to Rob for holding down the tournament so well. Rob, your professionalism was amazing and I would work with you again anytime, on any project, video game tournament or not. Besides running your tournament perfectly, you helped out with a lot other tournaments and picked up slack the whole day, and you practically saved the whole event by showing up with the brackets and registration sheets. Your my hero.

Thanks to Paullee for agreeing so early on to do registration, and Justin for helping him, and for putting in way more time than you were asked to and keeping such great records.

Thanks to Axel for running the website for the last three months and setting up preregistration though paypal, which is something I didn’t have a clue how to go about.

Thanks to Julien Beasely for being so enthusiastic about loaning his cabinet for the event, which was a huge hit and was where I got most of my games in. I can’t believe your girlfriend already filled in the cabinet space and made a mess in less than 24 hours. :rofl:

Keith, it was awesome of you to help out so much with moving the cabinet and loaning your equipment, even though you weren’t planning on attending. Your a generous guy, and I’m glad you showed up to get some games in later in the night. Also thanks to both Julien and Keith for helping me set up a bit the night before.

Nate, Axel, Mandel, Clayton, Rob, John and Elias, thanks for volunteering so early to run the tournaments and doing such a great job. I was great knowing that you guys were running the tournaments so I didn’t have to worry about them at all, and for the most part, we finished on time alright. I think everyone had a great time, which is all that matters, so thanks for doing such a great job and making the tournament a success.

Thanks to Andrew for taking so many great pictures and documenting the event. It was great knowing that someone was there the whole time and getting the pictures that are going to be some of the only things we will have to really see what the event was like, and could become very important in the future of the tournament.

Thanks to my girlfriend, who will never read this :P, for writing the rules in such nice handwriting in both white boards, and for getting a few beginning pictures in the first hour or so of the tournament. And for putting up with me so well for the last three to four months while I constantly checked the forum and talked endlessly about a game tournament that you cared nothing about. :lol:

Huge thanks to Preppy for recording matches, ordering pizza which everyone ate, and for all you generally do to supporting our scene. The long and short of it is that this tournament wouldn’t have happened without you and all your generosity of opening your house up to us twice a month. I wouldn’t have met all the great people I know now, and I never would have considered planning the tournament if I hadn’t known there was this much enthusiasm for it. We really can’t measure how much you do to keep the scene alive, so since I didn’t get to say it at the tournament, thanks for all you do the year round to support us.

Thanks to RayBladeX for bringing your recording equipment which allowed us to have such a cool setup for finals, and for managing those recordings the whole day. That was outstanding.

Thanks to everyone who said they would bring equipment and did, and for everyone who attended and respected other people’s things. I think for the most part, we did alright, with only a few minor things (cables, and a converter) going missing.

Thanks to all the guys who showed up early to help set-up and those who stayed after to help clean. There were a lot of you, so just so I don’t leave anyone out, this is a thanks to everyone for helping so much, and I really appreciate it.

This is getting long, so I should wrap up soon. Just a few more.

Thanks to Brian Ma, for donating 80$ towards the room nearly three months before the tournament.

Thanks to Pablo, for offering to pay for whole event from the start, which gave me the confidence to really start planning for a good venue.

Thanks to Julien [Zass] for even coming up with the idea.

Thanks Mandel, for being so hyped about the tournament for so long, which helped keep me hyped on times when I had serious burn out.

Thanks to Jamie, for updating Shoryuken during the tournament and doing recordings.

Thanks to Nate, for coming through with 4 huge TVs and other stuff.

Sorry if I forgot to mention anyone. There was a lot little things that got done that helped make the tournament a success.

I’ll write up a summary of the tournament tommorow and try to get all the info out I can. Thanks again everyone. :tup:

Great event guys. I admit I wasn’t originally planning to be there but in the end I’m glad I went. Thanks to the organizers; the whole thing was carried out smoothly, and the Walker-Ames room was nice and cool on such a goddamned HOT day. Rob, Mandel, Matt, Jesse, Chate, Manny, Dustin, Frank, John, and everyone else (sorry I’m really shit at remembering all your names) it was good seeing you all again. And to everyone I played in 98UM thanks and ggs. 98UM deserves a NW community!

Thanks for running this tournament, great stuff! GGs all around.

Had a blast. Can’t wait till next year!

It was good to put faces to forum names. Thanks to everyone who planned, set up, ran and attended. I really hope to be making some casuals in the near future.

Thanks again!

Ridiculous good time! Thanks much to everyone who helped put this together.

wow, praise from Caeser. Thank you bro it means alot.

This was the first event I’ve gone to in the northwest and I had an absolute blast. The games were good, everybody was friendly and respective of all the gear around and all I have left to say is…when is the next one?

Good tourney guys! Us BC guys (the four of us) had a lot of fun, and it’s too bad the two of us in 3S had to DQ because we really didn’t want to leave. If you guys hold an event again we will definitely come back! Once again, thank you Kuenai (Jamie) for driving us back to the bus stop!!

Good job guys. Big thanks to Brent, Zig, and whoever else was helping run things. Compared to the past era of Washington tournies (4-5 years ago at Lanwerx/Loki’s) it easily surpassed them. We’ve been starved for a tourney here in the Seattle and everybody came out to help. All the equipment provided by the community was a pretty impressive show of support. Nobody being shitty to anybody else or their property was cool. We’ve got manners in Seattle; it speaks highly about all our mothers. It’ll be sweet if this gets established. Not really a major yet, but it could get there.