Post Northwest Majors thank you's+discussion thread

I would like to thank the following for the following reasons.

Brent-Thanks for doing what was necessary to get this event underway. Like I said before, you’re the latest blessing bestowed upon the Seattle scene.

Robert and Nate-For taking over the Marvel tourney for me. I appreciate it.

Jetay and Koda-Thanks for rolling through. Jetay I’d like to thank you, Kenny, Ryan, Ajay, Kyle, and Ian for listening to me vent outside after what happened. Dunno what I’d do without you guys. And Jetay, the drink Koda made me, is buff because I was getting hella sleepy on the way back from Zach’s haha. So Ben wasn’t lying.

Bopnation-You already know. I’m glad you guys came through. Kenny is too raw for the frohawk I don’t give a damn. Almost feel like I let you guys down with my performance so for that I am sorry.

Zach-For recording matches.

RBX-Good to see you. It’s a shame we didn’t get to get any casuals in. Next time though for sure.

Mickey D-For the talk we had. I appreciate it man. Thanks for the dollar as well, I really needed something to drink.

I’m sure I forgot a bunch of people, but thanks to everybody that showed up and made the event what it was. I would also like to thank a lot of the people that were being cooperative during the Marvel tourney. That didn’t go unnoticed and I honestly appreciate that. I’ll enjoy myself next year I promise, and I also promise that I’ll play a lot better as well.

Here’s looking to NWM 09!

THAT WAS DOPE!! haha i ws the dude with the t-shirt on his head and the aviators. gg’s to gojira, anthony, tepid, sergio (nasty cross handed ken), aaron, dan from bc, and black steve. props to nate for reppin hugo on 3s! grats to samY, nice having a few smoke breaks with you in the heat. stop putting my friend in losers hahaha LTB: you shouldve used my stick for 3s finals ;p samB: our match was super casual, we were choppin it up haha nice meeting you. brent, you forgot to thank me ^^ but youre awesome for putting this together. mechanica for running 3s, good shit on the brackets. hmmm… everyone who was running tourneys, man, i dont think i couldve done it. jmar, rat, row, mandel stop beasting. zach for always being in a good mood. and that one guy playing guilty gear on the qwerty keyboard, all i can say is wow. kenny, my nigga, always nice chillin with you, dont cut your hawk. hattori from TZ your commentary was hilarious for the 3s and marvel finals. too many people to give props to. but yeah, i had a great time, hope to see you all next time. we should get down on soul calibur 4 hahaha

Thanks to Brent for throwing this jam, i haven’t been to a tourney in awhile so it was real cool hoppin back in the scene with whole NW roster.

Marvel casuals blew up outta nowhere! Rotation wasn’t too bad there was a lot of great matches.

3rd strike finals were tight.

Props to Preppy for recording matches, and rippin Stilts in that last round :nunchuck:

So who won the tourneys?

SamY (Fat Bear) took CvS2 and 3S of course, Row took Marvel (right?), Digital Watches (Alex) took Guilty Gear. Couldn’t tell ya who won tekken… but I wanna say CronoEBM (Eddie) took it. I think he was at least in grand finals.

EBM got Tekken. He played against RagePenguin in the finals. I watched both the first time they played and then that match after Rage worked his way out of Losers.

Was a great match. EBM has a kinda savant Tekken shit going on, please believe.

Someone who looks THAT GOOD (no homo) has no right to be good at fighters.

Nice. Anyone know what the final MvC2 teams were?

Row (1st) kept to his namesake. Jmar (2nd) went with MSS for winner’s and loser’s finals, but I think I also saw him play thrax at various points of the tourney. Ratt (3rd) used Matrix towards the end. Dann (4th) played MSS the most, with a sprinkling of Row here and there. I saw Evan use Santhrax against Ratt, but he usually plays Matrix or MSS. Alan (TranceEmotion who finished 5th along with Evan) used MSS.

I didn’t see Son play at all. I’m guessing Preppy was his usual self.

First off…

I would like to thank everyone that went to Majors. You all did great! And I would also would like to thank Kenny and Ryan lettin me participate in sumthin HUGE! I mean without your guys i wouldnt be as good as I am and would get NATIONED on by Mandel, Rat, or you guyz! Not like I do already. :rofl:

Kenny your a beast wit the Mohawk…

Lets Keep BOPNATION rollin!!:rock:

Thanks to Brent for running an incredible tournament. Really great, thank you! I hope we can have another one soon!

Thanks to Keith for helping move the cabinet too :), and to everyone for participating!

Great games to everyone!

I want to give thanks to all attendees and staff, tourney runners, etc. for holding such a great event. Even though I didn’t really participate (random black guy in brown w/ fish hat), I was there more so to get a feel of the Seattle scene as to what was up, and I saw just as I expected. I’m definitely gonna try to get out for more than 3s & Marvel at Gameworks and participate in the next majors.

Gotta give grats to all top placers in the tourneys, was a shame GG got shit on for projector time though. Nevertheless, MvC2 brought the hype with the viciousness. Seattle is what’s up.

A big thank you to Brent and everyone who ran the tournament. It was awesome. And a big thanks to JJJ for hitting buttons. I would not have won CvS2 if you didn’t! Thanks to everyone else for going easy on me too. Looking forward to the next one!


lol… gj there sam… I will get my revenge next time…:rofl:

lol J ur an idiot for not guard breaking him and flew away hitting a button lol

Thanks first and most of all to Brent for putting this together and for everyone else who helped out to make this happen. I hope it happens again: it was one of the better regionals I’ve been to around the country, and it’s a much shorter plane ride. :wink:
Thanks to everyone who brought equipment, donated money, ran brackets, et cetera: it was a great team/community effort. Well done.
Thanks to RayBlade for being on top of recording all the big screen matches.
Canadian peeps! Nice seeing you again, great work in the tournament.
Kennewick being there was surprising too - I thought you all had been lost in an earthquake. Was that Cesar too?
Bernie, thanks for stopping by and seeing our little town. I hope you had fun - you’re another guy who’s always positive and there to enjoy life, and I love that. :tup:
ROW: stop being such a savage.
Ian: … I’m mad about that.
JMar: thanks for the drinks
Jeff/JMar: Golf soon! I’ll find my clubs.
Evan/Rat: Thanks for the beat-downs. My random switch-ins were pretty useful. :cry:
SamB: That PAUSE fiasco crushed my soul. I apologize profusely for that. Thank god that match WAS over or I would have bashed my brains out against the rocks. Yuck yuck yuck. Thank sfor being cool about it: I will feel like a retard about that regardless for months. =P
STILT! Nice seeing you again. I loved the tongue-in-cheek Super Turbo HD Remix: Fall 2007 shirt. :lol: Don’t forget I was supposed to be in the credits or something. <3! Thanks for letting me get lucky to win the first match (Row-style raw switch to Cable FTW). You have one of the most unorthodox but effective playing styles in the world, and I count myself lucky to have gotten that win.
Dann: HA! I told Bernie before the tourney that probably the best players there would be Row, JMar, Rattana, and you, plus whoever showed up from Oregon/BC. Good work on proving me right.
HUB SCRUBS!: good work representing UW. :tup:
Sam M from the Stranger: did anyone actually see that guy? :lol:
The girls who were there: you are kind and loving for putting up with us gamer guys.

I hope everybody had fun. I thought it was blast, and appreciate all that everyone did to make it come together.

Also, the fact that I have not heard ANYone talk about anything “missing” more than a power cord is freakin’ awesome and I’m glad to hear it. Good work on security Jetay.

Can I talk my shit again?!?!?!

What’s poppin everyone.

This weekend was a blast…

I must thank Preppy for everything…Your app, to bopnation was approved without thought or hesitation keep it pimpin my dude.

Jetay and Koda: First and foremost Koda -chan, thank you for putting up with us, being so damn funny, putting up with jetay’s crap! lol! j/k Jetay, thanks for clowning on him. I need the practice… j/k thanks for just being their period it was so dope…

Mandel, Bunkei, Me…to hard for the world.

Koda thanks for driving him up here too…

Bunkei: It’s always fun when you hit zach’s you already know. Hit me on the alphaism.

My nigga Mandeezy!: Dawg it’s all good. Come over and let’s talk about it. You took it like a sav and went outside and got crunk! lol!

Brent: KEEP FUCKIN BEASTING… just to let you know.

Pablo: Your my nig. Forever.

Row/Jmar/Rat: Good shit on those matches. Thanks for using my stick. It was pretty bomb for some odd reason. Also showing us that pho shop on the ave. Jmar calling me out on getting chicken based stuff…also proving his point about some facts but whatever.

N-Ken: Man. It was good seeing you my nigga. Keep it blazed and NO crazy ass ken shit! lol!

Wenzel: 420 Daily get at me.

Messatsu Orochi It was good seeing you to my guy. I hope i get to go down to GW and game sometime get at me my nig.

Tempest253: For being a sav with the mohawk. I haven’t even shaved it yet!!! lol!

Much love to everyone.

Apparently he really liked your shirt Kenny.

Edit: I thought the room smelled fine? :sweat:

guy seemed like an ass.

The Stranger only hires assholes.