Post Northwest Majors thank you's+discussion thread

I agree wholeheartedly. He was talking about Sytha in the demeaning reference to the KOF gamer early on. I’ve heard worse articles by more pretentious people, but I’m still sore over reading all that.

I was little pissed the first time I read it, but I read it a few times, and now it doesn’t seem so bad. The problem is that most other people won’t read it a few times. :confused:

I think the over all attitude of The Stranger is, “We are snarky and cynical,” so it could be worse, and he sounds like he liked it overall.

Doesn’t sound like he likes fighting games as much as he thinks he does though.

I’ve re-read it several times, but I still don’t like the article. He should have stayed longer and looked at more of the tournament if he was to write anything analytical on it. But alas, it was shallow, no matter how many times I read it.

Thing is, I read other related blogs/articles by him, and none of them made me particularly fond of him.

That was actually a good review, Stranger-wise.

Any publicity is good publicity.

That’s what Britney Spears thought.

Stimmt! :sweat:

But now at least she has a conspiracy of metal bands doing covers of her shit.

I’m glad a few people I knew was there. Ryan, Kenny, AJ and Drew, glad you guys repped Gametrax. :lol:

:rofl: I think you’re my second favorite now, next to pablo. How do you think I felt, getting knocked out of ST by someone prettier than me? Better looking AND BETTER WITH DHALSIM? My ego took a FINEST KO

That is what she relies on, son.

You got a lot to learn about business. But I can excuse it, given your age.


I certainly hope that was a joke in reognition of mine.

Regarding the discussion going on in the “Get to know a Negro better” thread of GG not being on the big screen, I don’t think its a too overbearing to state that in the future all finals and hopefully semi-final matches must be on the big screen, regardless of how the players feel.

I realize the players may have felt that no one even cared enough to mind, but this was a tournament where people come to watch just as much as they come to play, and having that atomosphere and being able to see the finals of a game is one of the highlights of coming to a tournament. Seeing the fight between the two strongest players of game is one of the most exciting parts of a tournament, whether you play that game or not, and it gives the crowd a chance to get involved and cheer while watching a great match.

So at the next PNW Majors, and any tournaments we may hold between then and now, I think it must be stated in the rules that the finals must be held on the big screen to be official, and announced as finals.

I’m pretty sure Son played MSS - that’s what he played against me in our fake match and that’s what I saw him play against Dannnnn.

Er… Just to clear up any misunderstandings, what I was told was that the choice was between being on the big screen and having the matches recorded. I chose the latter, for obvious reasons, but had I known that this was not the case, would not have made that choice. Please also do not blame Wuku for this choice or misunderstanding, as he didn’t have a preference either way.

Recording is definitely better. I guess it was just a miscommunication. There is no blame going around. When I asked why it wasn’t on the big screen, I was told that it was because the players (meaning all the GG players to me) just didn’t think anyone minded one way or another.

I just think that it is important to have finals where everyone can see them as part of having a fun event, and I think that any final game deserves to be on the big screen.

A few of the finals on the main screen also didn’t end up getting recorded, so it may have been better just going for the sure fire way for getting a recording.

Yeah he did.

Fuckin wow.

Tay was that you that wrote that.

Tell Koda chan i said Hi…

I think i played him first.

Yeah. He was pretty good.

MSS makes me wanna call the cops on black people. Randomly. I swear. :looney:

did you read purple people eater wrote??? omfg he ripped the author a new one. damn.


Yeah I saw that.

Those crazy PDX people.

<3, No Homo

I don’t know if it’s the camera or the poses, but 95% of those pictures are looking BOMB AS HELL

Here’s the total list of entrants including day of entrants. There are 4 or so people who aren’t on there that entered into Tekken, so there were about 120 total. :tup:

Alex Kelly
Ryan Kelly
Andrew Tran
Zach Robinson
Jamie Fry
Brian Ma
Pablo Basilio
Brent Cleary
Micheal Davis
Nick Tomlinson
Rattana Phanthourath
Dan Landeck
Brendan Sell
Roger Henty
Alex Green
Tim Jones
Tae Kim
Elias Darling
Steve Timmerman
Julien Beasely
Derek Bruscas
Grant Laughlin
Mark Webb
Channa My
Son Vu
Vince Eckroot
Micheal Grout
John Wu
Eric Foley
Justin Minaker
Paul Lee
Aaron Yu
Evan Wenzel
Won Kim
Julian Blake
Ryan Faillace
Ross Koehl
Peter Maxwell
Matthew Warso
Alex Chen
Anthony Cannon
Randy Mackin
Aroun Sirayothin
Jetay Barber
Mike Sitthideth
Kevin Yu
John O’Donnell
Matthew O’Donnell
Dace K
Raymond Teruya Jr
Dong Yim
Christian Tanuyan
James O’Donnel
Matt Greer
Ken Leathart
Mark Santos
Micheal Keough
Ngan Pham
Thomas Ohashi
Daniel Bishop
Kent Draney
Dustin Howtopat
Anthony Jaimes
Santos Montoya
Val Tennent
Kenny C
Ryan M
Chris Tang
Jesse S
Ian K
Eddy I
Mike B
Mike M
Josh T
Drew F
Kyle Chow
Mandel Scott
John W
Sam Y
Sam B
Joseph C
David A.
Jacob M
Auron D
Dave Va
Jason H