Post pics of your dogs thread


First off, fuck the snow, but my dogs love to play in it:wasted:



Beautiful pictures!


Cool pics.


Those are some badass dogs. Always liked your AV too.


Picture 2 They look half bear half lions


The gold one had better be named Aslan.


Thanks for the comments guys.

Yeah, kids either fall in love or are terrified when they see them:rofl:

There’s a reason for the similarities with bears. Chow chows are among the 5 oldest dog breeds in the world and the share things in common with bears that other dogs don’t. They have blue/black tongues like bears and are born with 44 teeth (same as bears). Other breeds are only born with 42 if I’m not mistaken. Chows do eventually lose the 2 extra teeth though.

Haha, that would’ve been a good name. Damn, narnia didn’t even cross our minds when he came up with his name.

His full name is King Kuma, which coincides with both tekken characters and the way they look. We just call him Kuma though, which translates to “bear” in japanese.

The black one is the girl. Her name is Nova.


Man… these dogs are awesome.

Thanks for sharing.

They Remind me of my dog i had, He was a Great Pyrenees we had to let him go because he was too big to have in the house with my nephew plus the breed is meant to work, I Could always tell its definitely a breed that needs to be out in like a large field. He Was adopted and he watches over sheeps and other animals now which what the breed was originally made to do, fight off bears and other animals from attacking livestock. he was and is a real badass.

Bears About to get Jumped:


I think this should officially become the post pics of your dog thread.


Good idea. Just changed the thread title.

Post pics people!




Awww man. That’s… that’s adorable.


What breed is that?


A Shiba.


Man that shiba is awesome. ill take pics of my dog tmmrow and get them up.


For the most part this thread already exists.You guys can post up your stuff there.