Post pictures of your SF/entertainment setup!



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Rebuilding our knowledge base
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I win by default there is no contest :encore: :party:


Many other people here have cab setups SNAAAAAKE.

Sorry u lose.

You lose because you do your sister and no pics as well.


i only have a dreamcast and and xbox. my tv is shit so no point taking pics of them.

snaaake you mentioned you sold your cab, so what’s your set up now?


Hey fusion, what kind of speakers are you using for your setup? What are the specs?


Yeah Mr-Megalo has like 9 cabs in his place alone, and JumpSuitJesse has quite a few as well.


beat this, queers.


Firetrainer yours wins it for most ghettoist LMAO. :clap::clap::clap::clap::tup:


Rsigley’s setup owns firetrainers for free. His custom stick was 2 times bigger then his TV (One of those older portable color tv/radio deals).

It freaking ruled.


I know it’s only a Dracula X screen, but this is where the SF/Guilty Gear XX #R action is at in my house. But that’s soon gonna change around later this year.


That setup is broken as fuck!!!



Those sticks are solid! Particulary the Black and Red one.


Cool thread, keep the pics comin.


With the exception of Firetrainer60, you all are spoiled fucking shits, which explains why most of you act like it.


i’m feelin that final fantasy iii


ha, spoiled??? whos to say these ppl arent independent?


lol, spoiled? jealous prick. what owuld you know about it dickhead.

thanks for the props, the dark stick is red, i’ve gutted it now so it doesn’t exist, i’m refitting it with a comp stick. i’ll build a new sanwa next year.


DBO you must assume everybody on this site is young. Id like to think a big percentage of people here buy our own shit.

This is kinda like SRK’s version of Cribs. But with Geek rooms. Love it! My pic coming soon :tup:


Here’s my shitty, broke ass setup I play on just about every day.

I’m poor.