Post Rock Thread


someone posted a link to an Explosions in the Sky song so apparently im not the only one who listens to this type of stuff… anyone with similiar tastes can recommend any other post rock bands that arent…

Godspeed You! Black Emperor
God is an Astronaut
Explosions in the Sky
Yndi Halda

i guess those would be the bands that i would recommend to people with interests in that type of music although all of those bands are as different as they are similar. if not a band or any sick ass long instrumental song that wouldnt really be post rock would be good to mention

i will bow and call master to anyone who puts me on to a song i havent heard but i love.

and i didnt see any post rock threads anywhere when i searched so please dont ban me for making a new post -_-


Do Make Say Think




wtf is post rock?




I like:

Russian Circles


what album is that from?


never heard of post rock, but I’m liking what Infinite posted :tup:

more vids plz


Hymn to the Immortal Wind




Why do they call it Post Rock. That video didnt sound like any rock music I have heard. In fact it didnt rock at all it was kinda relaxing.


These two post songs here are my favorite songs ever!


Because it’s something influenced by rock or derived from it but not necessarily rock itself. It’s described as “using rock instrumentation for non rock purposes.”




i bow to you Master EscapedSoul i never had heard of Kayo Dot before but that song is sick… Sleep is the song on the album that made me go Post Rock full time.

ok idiot time… how do you post videos from youtube? im an old man so dont laugh at me -_-


Isis is good.

Not sure if Twilight Sad qualifies, but since I like all the bands posted already, I figure why not, we already have the same taste in music.

Saw these guys live 2 years ago… was an amazing experience.

I also saw Mono last summer in NYC along with The Twilight Sad. Killer show.


Oh, forgot to add one…

If you like Godspeed, I can guarantee you’ll like A Silver Mt. Zion, seeing as how they share bandmates.


Here’s a couple post-rock bands from Australia:


Tangled Thoughts of Leaving:




I prefer post paper, it beats post rock. And everyone knows post scissors don’t exist.


do you post paper in the post box at the post office?


i heard one album from a silver mt. zion and i didnt like it nearly as much as the godspeed albums… does Sigur Ros count as post rock?