Post-SAII Shenanigans

I’m currently in one of my "3S is finally interesting to me again " modes, so I’ve been inspired to learn a new, non-Q character. I must work quickly, before my mood inevitably switches back to boredom and disgust with the game. Gogo Yang!

After SAII, Yang hits the ground before the opponent, and since the opponent can’t quick stand you have a couple seconds to do whatever you please before he gets up. These are a pretty important couple of seconds for rushdown Yang. My question is, what do you do with them?

First thing is that you can pick which side you want to end up on. Just hold to whichever side you think is best before the opponent lands, and voila, you’re there. Usually I like ending up so that the opponent is closer to the wall, but if I do the UOH side-jumping thing I’m just about to talk about I’ll do the opposite so I end up on that side in the end. COMPLICATED.

One thing to do is to mix things up. Yang can UOH over some characters just before they get up, landing on the other side. This can be pretty cool. You can UOH over to the other side, throw out crouching jab x 3 or crouching forward to confirm, then slashes or EX slashes or SAII again. By the same token, you can fake them out by doing a UOH just far enough away from them that you’ll stay on your side but it looks like you won’t, so they’ll block the other way and you can hit them. You can do this after neutral throws and regular knockdowns, but be aware that the opponent can quick stand away from you. It also only works against the thinner-hitboxed characters. Another way to mix things up is to start dive kicking with different strengths, but I don’t think I need to tell you what that’s all about. Plus, you can whiff moves just before they get up, like a toward + forward overhead or a low forward/strong, so they think they should parry/block one way but then bam, you go all like, no, you should have blocked/parried the other way, ohhhh booya sir.

You can also do a few crouching strongs to build some meter if you need meter, or taunt to give yourself a damage bonus on your next move/combo.

I like mixing it up or taunting if I need that damage bonus (and as a Q man, I just feel I need to taunt every once in a while out of habit). What do you like to do?

the UOH shit is really old stuff.
depending on whats the first move when you land and the number of UOHs, you can switch sides however you choose(you don t really need direction input), taunt way is always original side, you can also get a backwards taunt if the distance when start of the combo(depending on how its cancelled and character too) is proper.
the smartest thing is to build meter, close mp, unless you got/working on 2 meters, then you ll have the EX if you do any of that shit.

i d be careful though, the right player will remember the shit from the past, recent sbo footage couldn t of helped that much either.

Ok. I searched for the UOF info here but couldn’t find so I figured I’d post it up in case anyone didn’t know about it.

iirc everyone has different wakeup timings after a knockdown that they can’t tech-roll