Post SBO considerations

i’m half mad since i’m starting this discussion here because i’m on and not another website
but i think that srk is now one of the main fighting games forum also due to the absence of another big technical site for non capcom games

so i want to ask a question that is twisting my mind

why such low kof love?
sbo had it this year
but no one beside me and emil and few few few others seemed to know shit about its players, tiers, strategies

when just the day after ppl showed knowledge to GG or arcana heart players and gameplay

since kof98 is one of the main old glories why no one seem to love it?

umm cause snk gets bum love in the US and almost everywhere else except mexico, korea, and china.

simple as that

because all of you act like jackasses and no one wants to associate themselves with you

Dustloop is not a Capcom site.

He said non capcom games

why does everyone complain about how small the KOF scene is?

exactly because it’s small
or at least because there’s no interest in it
the sbo thread had 10 posts about kof then 63 pages about other games

i just want to understand why no one care about it while show love for games that make me say ‘bleah’ just looking at them

If there’s no interest in it, then make interest in it. KoF11 is about to be released in the US. Best ride that.

Check w/ Dark Geese. He is trying his best to make a huge SNK scene here. Doing a good job of it too.

Its not like KoF was played to death and then people decided that the game sucks. I don’t even think there is a big answer. Here are some possible factos that may have influenced the scene:

I think KoF is not as widely distributed as some Capcom games.

SRK is an huge influence on US play and it was always more of a capcom website filled with capcom fans than anything else

Most people don’t get attracted to the game at first sight. SF characters are more popular here, and Marvel characters are way more popular than KoF and SF characters together.

The players don’t like to travel, and most people didn’t care about running tourneys for SNK games until Dark Geese started doing his things.

The community does not seem very centered. Unlike the rest of the world that likes 98 and 2k2 the US community is very split in which SNK games they like to play. None of them individually have enough strength to be an official part of Evo, for instance.

And many people simply don’t like the feeling of the games, I guess.

Yep,big props to Dark Geese :tup:

That said I didn’t even know KOF existed until the 2000’s.That should tell you exactly how big SF reigned over the 90’s.

I’d give KOF a chance anytime,and I’m sure alot of people here would to,but at least in the US it seems not alot of people know about SNK-P outside of people within the community,but everybody that was born in the 90’s or before that,can tell you who Ryu is.

I think for the most part its the way people who are generally knowledgeable such as yourself and Emil talk down to people who try and learn. Whenever someone posts something they think is new or has a misconception the posts in reply seem like huge attacks on whoever posted, making the snk scene seem not very open and welcome. Also when people like emil play people online they immediately start resulting to calling people scrubs or abusing certain winning tactics which just serves to make new players angry and then never want to play again, there is a fine line between teach and talking down/being an ass to people. I find Kof pretty interesting in certain incarnations and I think the only person who is really doing anything to keep the scene well and truly alive is Dark Geese, he gets a little crazy sometimes and some of his posts are overly-dramatic, but anytime I’ve had a question he’s been cool about answering it and just generally being a good guy.

Also alot of people in the snk scene infight about whose the best and whose not, and thats dumb, because there is no way to know whose the best in these games since America hasn’t had enough experience playing them/ there haven’t been many real tournaments with big money on the line to prove to people who is truly the best. Yet still, you guys argue like petulant children over who is better or who is right.

I will admit most of these problems are slowly going away, but you guys made a bad name for yourselves so long ago that it’s hard for people to take you seriously now, slowly if everyone acts like normal respectable people and Geese and his tourney’s keep releasing videos I’m sure we will see an increased interest. You just need to slowly build your in-roads and show respect and eventually the community will give it to you.

My theory of why there is no kof scene in US, is because of MVC2, No where else in the world takes that game seriously, but kof is pretty popular.

I always wondered, why dont the snk players ONLY play the most recent version of kof (kof xi)?? I like the game alot and would be interested in tournys but, nobody can ever decide on which one to play, Its like cvs2 is out, but trying to throw cvs1 tournys, why?? This mosty applies to kof (although i think 98 is one of the best kofs, behind kof xi IMO).

Well, snk players, wassup??


also true.

this might not hold in the rest of the U.S but in california SNK has a negative connotation. a majority of people i see playing kof are either really shiesty asians (who smokes in an arcade while playing???) and really sketchy mexicans. don’t get me wrong there are a lot of good so cal players reconmature, the answer, and all the socalsnk thread people. but when i go to an arcade i dont wanna watch my friend play svc chaos and get asked if some robert garcia is in it. i dont wanna NEVER get to play because some asian guy gets really hurt hes losing to someone on KOFXI and doesnt move when he loses just tosses another token in, im not saying all snk players are criminals. just i would never have a snk gathering at my house. the people that do? more power to them. but thats not the main reason people don’t play kof thats me. this is the problems IMO

1.)consistency. People play kof, yea, but alot of people ONLY play 98 or 01 or 02 or xi. and if you do find people who play the same as you how the fuck are you gonna play it? some people like happs some like sanwa some like the OLD kof layout some like the new, this is a problem because alot of people refuse to adjust the other styles because they were raised on a completely different layout. this doesnt hold true with any other game kof is the only place where the arcade is 25% playable, next as for the versions
doesnt kof have no good console ports? iirc the dc and ps2 ports aren’t good for anything 2k2> and alot of people play kof through roms and lets not go there.

2.)community. first off let me say. Dark Geese can be a drama queen and acts like the SNK deity but i appreciate what he’s trying to do. but the community is too damn inconsistent. i mean for the longest there were what 2 - 3 SNK players posting here (off memory reconmature theanswer) contrary to popular belief people don’t consider going online to play roms very fun, sure they’ll do from time to time but only idiots take it serious. cal poly had 3 KOFXI tourneys and i dont think any of them happened due to way too low turnouts for it and they had some top korean player there too. as far as i know, the most solid scene for kof is texas. so ask around there. lets not forget the legacy that is EMIL and you talking down to people and pretty much claiming kof to be superior to SFII (lol fireballs are stupid!!!) thats not a very inviting tone. i mean alot of people play Guilty Gear but not to many go to dustloop. why? because of their shitty community :slight_smile: samething with the inconsistent info and mod “naziery” over at cyberfanatix.

3.)the hook.
the system no offense i love Kof (vanessa might possibly my favorite character design ever) but it doesnt attract people. SFII by passes this because people grew up to this game, kof not so much. and seeing hyperhop b hyperhop b hyperhop b into combo doesnt tickle my fancy. im sure that applies to alot of people. it doesnt have that wow factor that most games have. most people have friends that play a game and seeing them play it gets other people involved, dark geese is doing his part but you can only do so much. so in short, no wow no hype and just seeing hyperhop->combo hyperhop->combo just gives off the impression of the game having no skill. even then theres too many kof games
kof 98,2k2,XI, neowave,ngbc, Sam sho, motw, lb2, and possibly xii.
hard to keep track of right
compared to SFIIturbo, 3s,cvs2,marvel and ever so rarely a3. what do you say to people who only play XI about 98 or 2k2? or to 2k2 players about neowave?

no offense to SNK players more power to you keep on trucking, but its gonna be awhile before SNK gets big in the states.

hope this answers some questions.

Well, I only play the most recent versions of SNK’s games, so I can’t speak for anyone else. I would assume people play the older games because they’re so fundamentally different each and every time.

The thing about people only wanting to play a certain version is definitely true. Like for example I like KOF98, 2000, and 95 sorta. 2002 is like…okay to me, I like some of the characters in that (billy, kim, mature to an extent), but by and large I like most of the characters and their versions in 98 or 2000, because I like a lot of the old stuff that got changed in 2k1/2k2. Be it the cr.B,cr.A chain timings, the increased pushback on block strings, character exclusions, character changes, etc. And XI is just completely different, the game just doesn’t appeal to me anymore.

And then to make things worse, one of my favorite games is samsho 4, which is an unpopular version of a game that’s part of an already unpopular franchise.

wow on that Emil hate.

After playing all of the SF games for many years, I found transitioning to KOF pretty tough. The movement and pace feels totally different from what I’m used to. But that’s must my experience.

I don’t know about you.

But I would rather help DG than help Emil. Emil may have technical knowledge of KOF. But he has like zero social skills. He doesn’t really play other people irl. He considers online play as serious. He talks down on all people not japanese/mexican. He’s not going to go the extra mile to help the scene.

Atleast DG spends his own money to help the scene.

Isn’t DG sponsoring some top mexico players for EVO Worlds as well?