Post some of your most memorable quotes from evo2k5

“damn fuckin phone” - when some dude playin tekken 5 lost because someone called him

“i need a morning after pill, cuz i just been raped” - same dude playin tekken when he got owned up by bryan.

“lose to the option screen” - during the 3s 5 on 5 tournament when the japanese players couldnt get the configuration right

“ricky wears a fuckin purse!” during the marvel finals

“thats the dark hadou? he turns into a fuckin werewolf?!?” - during street fighter alpha generations

“yeah, fill her bucket up!” - right after the infamous “do you want to borrow my bucket” line

“…if you do not show up in two minutes, you will be D-D-D-DISQUALIFIED!”

C-Royd - “hit me!” When the dealer gave me 17

Buktooth - “you stupid canadian” when the dealer gave me a 9 after that

I would also like to note that the dealer got 21 when I hit on 17

“PUNCH THAT BITCH” -everyone, keith vs. djb
"maybe you would be better if you didnt suck so much, OH SHIIIITTTTTT" -me to closet remy/Mr.god

“Mishi-Master? More like Mishi-NOOBIE!”

“Hey, HEY, HEEEEEEEEEEEEY!” to Chun’s super in 3s finals, after a million fags had been doing HEY HEY HEY when Yun did his juggle combo, and these guys did it to Chun’s super just to make fun of them.

“He’s more like a Mishi-Newbie!” Ben “Tragic” Cureton’s commentary during Tekken 5 finals making Mishi-Master feel like a sack of crap. Classic!

“East FUCKING Coast!” What I yelled when Ben tried to hate on me onstage, and it blew up in his face.

“Did anyone see Ricky Ortiz’s dad at Fat Burger?” Random guy referring to the super-gay guy at Fatburger.

There are millions more but I can’t remember them…

anything said to whileas, or around the Halo people
if reset dues or anyone can rember exactly post up XD

bill: i want a raffle ticket…
frag girll: Nooooo!

Me during ST finals referring to Vega "Knock that nigga mask off"
Me when Yipes was beasting on Wong’s psylocke "Rape the dogshit out that bitch!"
Dipset “NO HOMO” lol that was everyday.




Watchout for that meatjoint.

too many quotes

“Turn that hate into motivation!” During DSP’s matches.

“gs gs”

this aint really a quote but it was the look on shawns face when he was told that gaybleguy was gonna punk everyone in the room. that look was priceless followed by the robot. that was too good.


“green bar” whenever mike watson played in 3s

duc do vs. yipes- holla

Oh, my God, I just remembered this quote when we were all riding down to the strip on the first day, I think… and I was taking pictures with Dave’s camera in the cab.

“Holy shit, a Baltimore in Las Vegas! Dave, gimme your camera!”

I don’t know why everybody started laughing. :xeye:

I wish I had a pic of that, priceless.

“Chunk of Hercules… What…the…fuck?”

There’s actually 2…

“BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” - Everyone at once at Evo 2K5 after the Halo Championship match occured

… and “BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” once gain after Street Fighter Generations finished… lol it’s still makin me laugh.


“Sup! I’m your neighbor. … Oh, you’re a bunch of halo fags. peace!” - Nick Campbell after kicking in the door to a bunch of halo 2 player’s rooms using a tripod as a “beam rifle” and screaming “BOOM HEADSHOT!” at the top of his lungs.

Damn that’s really funny when you read it… then hilarious when you picture it lol…