Post something that Street Fighter has taught you

Well for me, I’ve discovered that I am really judgemental. I always give negative criticism towards newbs. I can’t help but point out their faults and mistakes.

As for real life lessons, SF has taught me to search for deeper understanding of things and why they are that way.

find weakness in your opponent and exploit it… now that i think about it thats kind of a negative thing to have learned… but when you think about it again its Street Fighter its not like it was gonna promote world peace with semi-racist stereotypical characters and animated violence…

street fighter has taught me since the begining, dont talk shit to people in chinese when they speak chinese even though they look white! hehe, some of you know the stories behind this, some dont. :slight_smile:

how do you say TEAM USA in chinese

Female characters usually have halla priority.

Also true in real life…

oh shit. that made my day.

I’ve learned that the real lessons you learn in life are the ones that knock you down. It’s always good to be thankful for these situations as they only make you stronger and wiser than you where before. Kind of ironic really isn’t it?

yeah but watch out for that crossup j.rh when you’re getting up.

winners don’t use drugs…

Losing = debt

I learned that you need to block all the time, even when you are attacking.

The inherent theme in fighting games is that to accomplish anything, you have to do it. It is simply you versus an opponent/obstacle, and to achieve success you must overcome it with the tools at hand. If anything it’s taught me to be confident in my decision making abilities and my ability to succeed on my own.

It’s taught me that I’m one hell of a nerd with too much free time.

To accept losing as a step on the path to strength.

“Whether we win or lose, all of our battles make us stronger!”–Ryu, Alpha 3
"We all have potential. Few will ever realize it."–Ryu, Marvel Vs. Street Fighter
"Remembering why you lost is more important than winning…
Your best move… is the move that you regret not doing!"–Fei Long, Alpha 3

It taught me that if I fail at something, it’s not my fault. The arcade operator just doesn’t properly maintain the sticks.

that theres a balance to everything.

picking top tier characters makes winning easier

It’s taught me that using magic and handcuff exploits that made you unbeatable in the beginning can really hurt you along the way making you weaker and weaker until you’re almost nonexistant and replaced by someone who was supposed to be dead.

Being unsure about how serious you where with that post as I am, it’s so true. When ever you lift your self and overcome something there’s always another annoyance ready to hit you right in the face.

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