Post the name of someone you WANT to comeback and SEE if they comeback


People not already here yet that you feel we are definitely missing and they really need to be here again with us.

**YOU CAN **
[] Give them an alert with an @ before their name
] And search to find their name with that both to help find them
[*] You can also shoutout and call for the same person someone else already did too

Lets start it off







Damn he don’t even spell Chun-Li right!




I’m not even gone; I’m signed up as an alt in the mafia game XD






@“Pimp Willy”

@“Shaft Agent”




Lynch Vynce

Claiming Angelpalm badguy role with his pokeyman XD posts…[/details]


I’m out of emoticon practice (shame face)


@“Mr. X”


None of the above


Anyone with a " before and after their name can’t be @ted due to their username not being one single word, but either way anyone who doesn’t answer in here please contact them if you know how be it on SRK or somewhere else, I’d love to hear from each and everyone of these guys before SRK is gone forever. I may have joined in 04, but I was here from the beginning, I saw it all, took mental notes to remember everyone worth remembering, it’s sad all these memories just going to vanish. I’ve been lucky to meet a good chunk of you guys at some point, most likely EVO, but I’d love to see everyone again and those I’ve never met as well.

My apologies to anyone I may have left out, it’s hard to remember everyone on a forum after 18 years lol.

Join the official SRK discord stickied at the top of GD, PM me with your email or facebook or whatever, I’d like to stay in touch with as many of you who care to keep the SRK shit talk and good times going even when the forum is gone, especially if we are getting this that @Ranma claims.

@“supreme jd”
@“NOBITA KUN” @“Black Jesus” or whatever the fuck Adam Warlock calls himself these days
@“The invincible swordsman”
@“Dj Hyper Kid”
@“Will Gotti”
@“VG Emblem”
@“Diek Stiekem”
@“Soup or man”
@“Nagata Lock II”
@“Mycah Leonhart”
@“Muff Daddy”
@“Septimus Prime”
@“Pained Auron”
@“Spooty Whiteboy”
@“Okazaki III”
@“the chief”
@“the mullah”
@EVARGNUG (dont really remember you posting but you made me my first av it was violent ken from SVC Chaos)


I’m here on the final days of the forums :frowning:





and seconding @deadfrog also @“Ben Perkins” and I’m sure there’s a host of other ones if I sit down to think about it.


No 09ers plz


These three, @Irennicus and @SWBeta are my definite choices.

@Guru can keep downloading porn and stay “upgraded” to SFV. :coffee:

@Sasmasta and @Grog can cameo, too. :wink:






if goodm0urning, roninchaos, val, orangecat, blackjesus, or rcaido show their faces, this thread is an instant winner.

Who the hell was it that kept doing that Dr B shtick until we chased him out of SRK for SJW failures?



Specs hates SRK with a passion now. He took gamergate too seriously. He also didn’t like how we oppressed our female posters. Yuna out there talking about how being part of SRK helped her transition but we’re the bad guys. :rofl: