Post the name of someone you WANT to comeback and SEE if they comeback


He’s chilling outside the country, and seems to be much happier where he is


@Koop :frowning:


Which country?



Yeah he’s still around events in Toronto and my city


Not much. Life. Hahah

Married, got a kid on the way, work full-time at a hospital. I still watch FGs and learn about the latest stuff, but I don’t play anymore. I don’t even own a current gen system. Honestly, the extent of my current gaming interest is Pokemon Go. Hahah

I poke in the Finance thread every once in a while, but otherwise, I’m content being an older dude. I’m turning 37 this year holy shit.

Also: I see that there’s a guy on YouTube that makes Tekken videos under the handle of mastermind. I see his videos make the SRK front page, so they must be good. Good for him, though! Glad he’s helping the community out.

Anyway, what’s up, Late Nighter?


Yup, Luc is chill asf maybe one day I’ll head out there.


Who be speaketh my names @orochizoolander why have you summoned me into this shadowy realm? shakes fist
Nothing good comes from here.
retreats back to twitter



Is @Henaki free?

Or is being 100% correct still perma-bannable?


Whoa wait, Luc is seriously in China?

Fuck, I wonder if he was there while I was.




What happened there way back when?


Naw that was a whole different poster bro. The dude you are thinking of was cool as fuck and I believe made avs in shit too.

While I am at it…



He actually knew and understood gameplay mechanics.

And iirc, he had the nerve to do so on the front page.


Oh shit that’s right, Henaki leaked that MvC3 was being made and did so in a thread in FGD.

He foresaw the “shitstorm” and tried to warn us.




@Ephidel: Hey, how’s it hangin’, good to see you haha.


LLOL what’s good bruh thx for teaching me x23


Wowsers, this kinda sucks to hear. I hope you’re right RC, and Ink decides to keep the forums.

Haven’t heard some of these names for a minute. I think I see fishy a couple posts up. Fuckin Rz0r and Star…

Christ, I feel old.


Yes you’re a old hag now.

Go away and have some mixed babies why doncha?


I decided to skip the baby train.

Now I have zero baby and 10 money.

But forreals, I’d have been a fuckin terrible mom.