Post things you think your character(s) have that are actually GOOD


Way too often in here we concentrate on “My character sucks” or “My character isn’t as good as XYZ character” or “Well, that situation isn’t as good as you think it is for my character because ABC.”

Let’s spread a LITTLE positivity and remind people why they actually play who they play. As probably one of the more well known complainers I’ll start:

Only 2 Rules: No “but it’s not as good as character XYZ’s” or "It’s pretty good BUT it has these downsides. (Even if they are totally fair or legitimate gripes!)

Good damaging long reaching meterless whiff punishes.
F+MP is one of the best command normals in the entire game.
B+MP is one of the best normal move anti airs, pretty much a shoe in for top 10.
crLK is I think tied for the farthest reaching 3F normal in the game.
Almost every single normal has a use for SOMETHING.
Huge variety of anti air normals, not tied to one move which can make it tough to jump in on him.
Really big hitboxes on his normals, rarely just has a move flat out stuffed during footsies, usually he either gets counterhit or it trades. Trades are often in his favor too.
EX Badstone is a really solid special move.
Gains probably the most new options out of a counterhit of any character. Not just a 25% additional damage on one hit and maybe 1 situational new link. Landing a counterhit sHP opens up multiple new combos that can increase his overall damage potential to the point it’s on par with the highest damage characters in the game. Counterhit F+MP opens up new high damage combos. CH crMP and crHP also open up new combos.
Doesn’t really rely on meter for offense.
One of the best focus attacks in the game.
One of the best crLPs in the game.
fjHK is one of the farther reaching jump ins in the game and has a ton of active frames.
NJ MP has a great hitbox and good active frames making it a solid pressure tool as well as air 2 air.
NJ HP has a ton of active frames, is a good air 2 air as it does 120 damage and on trade you get a knockdown. It also is a good pressure tool thanks to hitbox position.
Back Throw is an easy safe jump.
Has some really good moves for OSing with crMK, F+HK and EX Ruffian kick covering a lot of stuff.
Ultra 2 punishes quite a number of things many others can’t punish as it’s a 7F startup. Also has a huge overlap of invincibility frames with 7F startup but 14F invincibility!
One of the farthest reaching overheads in the game.
Can potentially cross up using his heavy jump attacks.
Most of his normals are setup so they are perfect for tic throws thanks to being +1 on block he doesn’t have to delay his throw at all as it will catch the opponent on the earliest frame they can be thrown.

Some of the best normals overall in terms of hitbox size, cancelability, utility, and active frames.
sMP is easily one of the best normals in the game PERIOD.
F+MP is one of the strongest command normals around. Active frames for days, moves her quite far foward, and has an amazing hitbox.
EX Hayate is an incredible special move.
Some of the best corner carry in the game.
Incredible damage and stun output.
Has the ability to alter jump arc with a move that also can lead directly into ultra at no additional cost.
Has a great command throw. (just having a command throw PERIOD is pretty awesome in this game, add in a 5F command throw with armor? f’ yeah.)
One of the farthest karas in the game with F+LK.
Forward and backdash are bonkers good.
One of the best jumping attacks period with angle jump HP. Great hitbox, good damage, has juggle potential, can instant overhead, good for jump ins AND air to airs.
One of the few characters who can combo out of an overhead on crouching opponents.
Her overhead has a pretty crazy hitbox
Ultra 1 is one of the fastest ultras in the game.
Ultra 2 is one of the better anti projectile ultras in the game. It can counter even some of the fastest recovery fireballs from full screen.
Builds meter very well
ALL of her EX Moves are great.
Probably the strongest set of reset options in the game.
A reset can easily lead to basically a 2 touch kill vs most of the cast.
Great focus attack.
sHK is godlike. Tons of active frames, one of the only normals in the game that does more than 200stun. Has an incredible hitbox, and it’s still +on hit and safe on block.
Great anti air options with crMK, crHK, sMP, sMK, sHP, and Fukiage.
Has great pressure and mixups.


Vega has a fantastic ass.


Top tier. Him, Cammy, and…




I’d name actual stuff but it’s mostly pretty obvious. I’m not going to blow anyone’s mind with “ is pretty good! He’s fast and karas!”

J.hp doesn’t get the recognition it should I guess. It’s godlike. I keep trying to name stuff but basically if he’s not floor surfing or in blockstun or trying to stand AA a lotta stuff he’s really pretty damn good.

Ok uh.

Second best kara grab
Fastest character overall?
Amazing buttons everywhere you look
Excellent meter building, punishes and hit confirms
Great safe jumps all over the whole cast
Good backdash
Possibly the best air throw
Two useable ultras, rfc is friendly to both
Kara taunt 1! Laugh at their shit!
Cr.hp is actually useable in more situations now
I still feel like I can go on and on about his normals. The only one with no use is probably Literally everything else is great and has uses.


Not just about telling people stuff they don’t know. Just reminding people: Yeah we bitch, but it’s not like we play a character we think everything about them is mediocre or bad. Here is stuff we think is good that gets forgotten with all our complaints.

Also I agree about jHP. If Vega was more popular at top level (and was having more success) you KNOW people would be bitching about that. I’m surprised people weren’t up in arms after I think it was Chris King or Zeus won an event in AE2012


Ibuki is soooooo cool
one of the best damage outputs in the entire game if you can do 1 frame unplinkable links
Tsumuji is one of the best moves IMO, MK is safe and setups votex on hit, LK setups really hard hitting combos and HK does high damage
Ex neckbreaker is the best move against fireballs,on hit setups unblockables and vortex
great overhead,slow but positive on block and combos on hit
f.HK is great for frame traps
Kunai that changes your jump trayectory and vortex ‘n’ stuff
U1 is great for punishing things and does great damage
U2 can be comboed from almost anything and goes through fireballs
Good air throw
I dunno,I’m sure there are more things that I haven’t mention but wethver


Well you pretty much said everything good that can be said about Makoto. If there was anything to add. EX Fukiagi hitting on ground was a blessing for her I like most people didn’t realise at first. Instead of her being a one trick pony always relying on her command throw, she now has mix up shananigans with EX Fukiagi as well. The versatility she now has are worth the nerfs IMO. Oh and great thread by the way. Really great idea. I’m more motivated to get better with Makoto now.



One of the best pokes in the game (st. mk and cr. mp) which is also the best focus breaker in the game if you cancel into hands and can do loads of damage from footsies thanks to super and fadc.
One of the best anti air normals (crane cr. hk) does loads of damage and is realy hard to beat clean.
Has an overhead, aswell as some very good low hitting normals.
One of the best set of jump ins, crossups which lead into crazy mixups aswell as the new discovery of air stance change in pre jump frames can be realy ambigous and confusing.
Roll is now like a pseudo scissor kick which can also be used very well from crane cr. mp to convert to damage from footsies while leaving a bar for reversal/hard knockdown combo.
Sweep while a bit slow is realy good in frametraps since it is also realy hard to punish and leads into some nasty setups.
5 frame st. hp which is a part of target combo which reaches realy far and punishes a lot of stuff which you realy wouldn’t expect.
+5 ultra which is 7 frames and basicaly an invicible reversal which can make a turnarround even when blocked.
4 goddamn ultras which a lot of them are actualy useful now. (anti fireball ultra, +5 ultra, reaction ultra (mantis u1), and air to air ultra with crane u1, anyone still thinks ultra W is bad on him?).
anti air super is 2 frames and is one of the best anti airs in the game aswell as dealing solid damage and leaving a time for another setup.
one of the best backdashes in the game. I might be wrong but isn’t it like just a bit worse then rose’s and chun’s? either way it’s REALY good.
two jump arcs, and stances for a number of different options in different matchups.
st. mp is one of the most advantageous normals on block in this game which leads to devastating frametraps, also able to situationaly combo into pretty much anything. (counterhit into mantis u2, on akuma, e.ryu into cr. hp etc.).
st. lp and h. hands are 3 frames. st. lp can also be used as a timing setup for dwu.
even with dwu ogas are still very good and if used sparingly, and being able to condition opponent not to dwu can give you loads of unblockable, tricky crossup setups which lead into ultra.
one of the best kara throws in the game, which adds to his frametrap game a lot.
crane cr. hp is the most? damaging one hit normal in the game.
waterfall kicks can be adjusted to either drop, opponent finish it at whatever height you want for a good number of possible setups.
new ex gekiro (waterfall kicks) allows you to use one bar for hard knockdown instead of having situational against some characters.

Bottom 10 must be pretty fucking amazing if some of you put him there.


E. Honda:

Above average health and stun
Medium Hands gives less pushback on crouching opponents than Heavy Hands, allowing for way more followup damage and it’s more + on block.
One of the best crouching jabs in the game due to its reach and ability to cancel in to HHS
Has the ability to do one of the most damaging punishes if you make use of EX hands.
The stopsign is a great air to air and tool to dodge fireballs to the point it can look braindead
HHS xx RFA is great since it does good damage and givers corner carry if you have U1
Super also does a lot of damage
Jab oicho’s throw range is great
Can low profile certain attacks with FA
Close and far s.HP has a ton of active frames
s.LP, cr.LP, s.MP and cr.HP have good hitboxes
s.HK is a good for being a far reaching fast low
Good jumpin attacks


It’s not completely invincible i believe. You have to cancel his prejump frames into crane UC1 to gain the +5F on-block advantage, which doesn’t work against meaty attacks. Also, the opponent can ultra in return to overlap gen’s ultra invincilbility frames


Well obviously, it has the same problems as his ex gekiro, which is also 7 frames. Except this one is safe (maybe a little easier to dodge with lows too). Nonetheless it’s still one of his best reversals considering his others are abysmal too.



Very fast EX overhead that leads into free combos including both ultras.

One of the best jabs in the game.

Good low avoidance move that doubles as an overhead in

Great projectile avoidance/meter building/frame trap with Stinger.

Very solid damage.

Both ultras are top 10 or top 5 best in the game.

Decent space control with st.hp,, cr.lp, st.lp,, and

Good jump ins even after the nerfs.

Ohh, I forgot about a few other things: is one of the best buttons in the game for meaties and frame traps. is also a great frame trap normal that does good damage (90/100 depending on far/close version)

Kara throw has biggest range difference in the game (other than Ken) compared to normal throw (thanks Eternal).


What is Gen’s best kara throw? I noticed he has a decent kara throw off like 4 different normals but never knew which was the best.



Great walkspeed
Decent fireball
Very good standing lp (both close and far). 3f startup and a good hitbox
Good close mk. Fast startup and lots of frame advantage
Fast, relatively safe, comboable sweep
Very good anti-divekick button in cr.hp
Great set of air-to-air normals
Fast meter builder
Can alter his jump arc, move to do so is hard to challenge in the air
One of the most potent anti-air specials in the game
Huge punish damage potential when fully stocked with both super and ultra


still without a doubt the worst character in the game though. DeeJay.


Poison has the best hair.



One of the best backdashes in the game.
Fast forward dash that covers a lot of distance.
Best frame-trap normal in the game in the form of cl.MK.
Stupidly fast meter building, especially against zoners.
Best set of pokes in the game (cr.MP, st.MK, st.HK, Soul Piede, cr.HK).
An Ultra that can be used for walking the opponent into the corner, dealing (mostly) safe chip damage, FADC punish combos, and mixups.


Dee Jay has a nice smile.


His teeth are the whitest and biggest of the entire cast : D