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Hey gang, we are going to review the Vengaboys US version of “The Party Album” Track by track

here are the songs

The Party Album
"We Like to Party! (The Vengabus)" - 3:42
"Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!" - 3:22
"Up and Down" - 3:59
"Ho Ho Vengaboys!" - 3:41
"To Brazil" - 3:07
"We’re Going to Ibiza" - 3:38
"Vengababes from Outer Space" - 3:26
"Superfly Slick" - 5:21
"Movin’ Around" - 3:48
"The Vengabeat" - 4:09 [New edit of “Funky Speed”]
“You and Me” - 5:24
"Paradise…" - 7:07

get kickin

I imagine they are all on youtubes


We Like to Party - Awesome song which never gets annoying. Even if you go to any 6 Flags theme park and have to hear it every 15 minutes, it doesn’t matter because this song really puts you in the mood to stand in line for 2 hours for the roller coaster while the radio is alternating between this song and Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” (another totally sweet tune which I love listening to while waiting in the hot, 95 degree weather with no escape). This song shows a wide range of ability from the female singer as well as the guy who keeps repeating “we like to party, we like, we like to party” over and over again (because sing-talk is the new HOTNESS) over the soothing sound of a blaring locomotive horn. No wonder Mr. Six gets into the mood to dance every time this song comes on. Who can resist that catchy beat that you won’t be able to get out of your head for months after visiting the bankrupt chain of theme parks.

I’m a big fan of the awesome lyrics because they relate to me. “New York to San Fransisco?” Hey! I know those. They are cities in the country that I live in! “So if you like to party, come on and move your body.” As a matter of fact, I do like to party, and so do the Vengaboys because they say that about 100 times in the course of 3 and a half minutes (or in the extended 6 Flags version, 3 and a half hours).

The Vengabus is coming indeed, and that’s a bus that I want to catch!


i really don’t think anyone’s going to top that analysis.


I kinda agree too, how we gonna top dat,

its ok i was more hype for boom boom boom boom anyway

but i shall attempt to muster up some enthusiasm for we like to party


We Like to Party - I remember the first time I heard this song, it was at a bar in Dubois (pronounced do boys by the locals) called “Who Cares” they generally had under 21 dance nights on Friday nights if I recall, so me being a lad of seventeen summers would sometimes frequent this place. After being bombasted by such songs as Scatman, Mambo #5, and 1000 dmx songs I must say it was refreshing to hear the upbeat intro to this song. Sadly after hearing it subsequent weeks my glee upon hearing it lessened quite a bit. Hearing it pop up again within the six flags commercials was like an aural rapist who thought was still in prison, but lo and behold had been released on good behaviour and had come to stalk your family in some eurodance version of cape fear.



Jesus Vengaboys? Takes me back to like 1997 when I lived in England.

Goes on a Vengaboys YouTube music video reminiscing session


For a band called the Vengaboys they have two really hot chicks in the band lol.


Someone wrote Vengaboys on the back of a chair in my history class back in high school, nobody sat on it all year (because the band were widely agreed to be the embodiment of talentless faggotry) and the school were forced to get rid of it. True story.

Oh and:

Ibiza = Eye beith ah

Ibiza =/= EE Beat Zah

Fuck them.