Post ur personal reviews madcatz TE stick


just wanted to get some feedback before i buy one, if it even worth it.

i have read a lot of posts saying they had random buttons stop working on their TE sticks, so i just wanted to get some feed back from the users

also had some questions

After reading a few pages it seems that a lot of individuals are experiencing problems with their TE stick just breaking down.

Is the TE still breaking down on people? Is it worth the headache? Would u buy another 1?

Does the PS3 TE Stick work for PC? If so do I need a certain parts in my PC to make it run like Intel processer over amd and nvidea graphics card?

Are people buying the TE and then modding it with different parts, if so why? are the stock parts cheap/breaks down?

I just want a good stick for PS3 sf 4 and PC sf 4, and from what I saw @ evo 2k9 this weekend a lot of people are rocking the madcatz sf4 TE stick, are they stock or modded?

Would I be better off modding my stick with better parts, or will the stock TE stick work just fine.

Thanks in advance



TE is a great stick even 100% stock. People at Evo appeared to be using stock.

PS3 version only works on Intel chipsets right now.

Stock parts are very high quality and everything in the stick is easy to mod/replace.


Best bang for your buck retail stick at this moment.


It’s good. I have TE and SE. Haven’t touched the SE since I got TE. But I am going to replace the stock parts on the SE so I can get some local plays with my friends.


I love the TE so much, I’m modding it for multiconsole use! PS2/PS3/GC/Wii ftw!




Love my TEs


99.6% awesome.

  • .4% for having 8 buttons instead of 6 but that’s what button plugs are for.


so far so good. but the O button doesn’t always register when i press it. i think i’ll open it up and take a look at it.


I’m with jeenyus1 on this one, except mine’s more like this:

85% perfect
15% imperfect since they decided to go with the Vewlix instead of the Versus City layout. Not that Mad Catz can help it; they DID make this based on the Street Fighter IV machines after all.