Post your 3v3 team!


Interested to see what teams people are gonna play once the 3v3 mode to see if I have all my matchups covered. Just posted this on reddit/r/sf4 so i thought i’d give it a shot here!

Post your team, order, and why!

I have heard now that meter will NOT be carried over round to round.

my team:

Decapre / Cammy - Start off aggressive rush down, play a little riskier + more mixup heavy

Guile - play a zoning game to switch it up and gather as much data as i can for my anchor

Honda - Since he is my main I will have more versatility with matchups and greater knowledge, so it is a good idea to save him until the end in case I have to OCV the rest of the opponent’s team.

I would consider putting Honda first and decapre last to wear the opponent down with slow play the first 2 matches, also you have gathered more data and can perhaps have a more effective mixup because you know your opponent’s tendencies.


My team is pretty obvious as the characters i play are in my sig…

i probably will put the characters in this order:

  1. Guy
  2. Cody
  3. Yun

Weakest character is Guy so any win is welcomed, the pressure and unorthodox gameplay style of Guy might overwhelm some players, not something to rely upon but it is only 1 match.
Cody is my strongest character but as a character he isn’t as strong as yun and i’m more than likely going to walk into bad matchups with him. Still i’m confident enough to put up a good fight against them. If i happen to play a grappler or high stun and hugh health character i rather do it with Cody than Yun, too tedious with Yun imo.
Yun covers alot of Cody his bad matchups and vice versa but seeing as Cody has more than Yun i like to have a character that can compete with some of the stronger characters.
Shame meter will not transfer, that would have been a pretty significant deal in the way a team would be structured.

Overall i feel these 3 can cover eachother pretty well and i’m comfortably with each of them.


This mode is online only and it’s structured to have 3 players vs 3 players.

Rewarded health is returned in the way of grey life, Meter doesn’t carry over.


Assuming they let meter transfer

  1. Guile/Cody: doesnt need meter for shit [battery - and i like cody]
  2. Evil ryu : [sick in neutral and uses meter well [meter sink[
  3. depends on the most derp or the anti derp/good chars [yun, cammy, guile]


If meter doesn’t transfer, there is no point in this mode.


So it’s basically a shittier, less thoughtful, Capcom-approved effort to make a CVS2 mode? And why is it online only? This mode seems fun for like a side tournament or casual play.


I thought they changed it to also have a 3v3 with 2 person, where each choose 3 characters. if it is 3v3 person its just another useless option because we all saw how popular the team modes were…


Unless you can show when Capcom had announce this change, things are exactly how the trailer presented them to be.


Let me play it local 1vs1 or don’t even bother


I was under the impression the mode would be KoF style 3v3 teams.


Watch the trailer again guys.

It’s apart of Team Battle, a online mode that requires more than 2 players. Elimination will put you on a team of 3, as stated before it’s a single round, no meter gets retained between rounds and regained health is presented as grey/focused life.


needs more tag ins and assists


Nah, putting your best last has always been the accepted safest order. Specifically, put your 2nd best 1st hoping to take out a character or two, your worst 2nd as a landmine and your best last.



May change depending on tier ranking.


Is NOT 3vs3 characters
Is 3vs3 players, each control 1 character

Basically, is not a KoF/CvS mode

Sad, in theory was a fun idea, i like see it applied on SF cast


If it’s truly a 3v3 mode where you need 6 players, nobody will play it, ever.


It’d just basically be the team concept they have in tournaments, only on laggy online with six different connections that you have to somehow get together at the same time.

if it’s like that it’s kinda not worth it and they could have spent more time making decapre less derivative Kappa


Same team composition strategy still applies to team 3v3.


Not to derail too much but ALOT of people have been vocal about this mode being also for 2 people.
Can’t imagine word hasn’t gotten trough to Combofiend.


Fun Fact: this used to be a mode in the PS version of Tekken 3. Devs now a days are apparently too hard pressed to add that in a game with 40+ character roster.

Fun Fact: Tekken 3 on PS was fucking godlike.

Fun Fact: Tekken is generally godlike.

Fun Fact: I’m actually sad it isn’t offline team battle. :sad:


I mentioned this a few times before…people ignored me…so I believed everyone was cool about having it online only since they only play online anyways. It’s too little too late to bring this to their attention now.