Post your advanced Blanka tricks



hey, post your advanced blanka tricks. it can be anything from cross-ups to electricity mind games to whatever.

this was posted in buktooth’s thread about what he learned in japan…

  • Here’s a Bas trick with Blanka: When you are 2p, rh throw opponent into the corner, roll, then fierce ball to cross up. It’s reallllllllllly fast. From there you do meaty s.strong (neutral, so you don’t get the 2 hit headbutt thingie) into whatever link you want, including CC.

(i have trouble linking the standing strong into the CC, any advice? what’s the timing like?)

here’s mine

-this is particularly useful if you’re in S-groove or you only need a little bit more damage to get the win…

after a fp throw anywhere that won’t throw them into the corner, right after you let go of them, do a level one blanka ball, and it’ll cross them up right when they get up. it’s not the fastest thing ever, but you should get some WTF points. after you crossup, you can do another throw or combo.


after a connected electricity, hop x 2 will move you in front, hop, KK hop will move you behind.


hey thanks man