Post your artwork and some character designs

just post up some art uve been workin on like character designs etc
heres some random stuff i been workin on usin photoshop im new at it

^ You also got backstories for them?..:wgrin:

I have two to show I guess…

This one’s kinda typical anime gal… :stuck_out_tongue:

yea i have storys for them i just havent come up wit names i have like alot of cahracter design that ill post up soon those are just some recent ones that girl in black is a bounty hunter and the guy wit a sword i realy havent worked up much on hime but the guy wit spikey hair is a story bout how he is have demon have god and has eveil and good powers and stuff like that did u use photoshope for those?

Yeah, I make up stories myself… And yeah, I used Photoshop…